Zlatibor Rural Tourism accommodation

Zlatibor is mountain of golden pines, with the highest peak of Tornik (1496 m.) situated in north-western part of Serbia, 200 km south of Belgrade. Zlatibor is the most popular and largest mountainous tourist center in Serbia. Zlatibor Mountain corresponds to the uniquely beautiful area west of Uzice which extends as far as the Bosnia and Herzegovina border and to the south almost to Nova Varos, covering the territory between rivers of Susica and Uvac. The average altitude of the Zlatibor region is around 1000 meters above sea level. Zlatibor Mountain enjoys a sunny, sub-alpine climate but also features about 100 snowy days a year, which enable skiing season between November and March. The region of Zlatibor Mountain is equally popular for summer vacations, especially during July and August when numerous tourists come here in order to improve their health, while actively participate in various outdoor activities, walking, relaxed vacations and to breathe the cool mountain air. Fresh and dry air, low air pressure and well-known Wind Rose that successfully melt opposed air flows of mountainous and Mediterranean air that become here healing factor are the premium beneficial features of Zlatibor Mountain. Medicinal researches proved that the Zlatibor Mountain area is very suitable fur curing various illnesses – lung diseases, anemia, neurasthenia, heart disorders, thyroid gland disorders, and keeps its long tradition of celebrity destination since the middle of the 17th century, successfully providing its guests healing of body and soul.

During stay in Zlatibor we strongly recommend various excursions which provide full insight into amazing natural and cultural heritage – Staro Selo Sirogojno Open Air Museum, Uvac Special Nature Reserve and its colorful rural households, Stopica Pecina Cave and visit to the Smoke-House in Musvete village which manufactures finest Dalmatian prosciutto and other delicacies, and provides memorable and outstanding experiences that remain in wonderful memories.