Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel Zlatar Mt Nova Varos

Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel Zlatar Mt Nova Varos

Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel is comfortable 4 stars new family hotel on Zlatar Mountain which features boutique style, very much wanted and appreciated in the world.

The Hotel of Zlatarski zlatnik on Zlatar Mountain /the Golden coin of Zlatar Mountain/ belongs to the famous basket ball player Željko Topalović, the former player of Red Star and the golden team of Budućnost from Podgorica.

Basketball player Zeljko Topalovic managed to turn successes of his rich sport career into the new value asset, which is very significant for the economic development of the area of his origin along the principles he always performed in sport, and now are deeply implemented in his life – work, order and discipline, and paying attention to the slightest details.

The Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel is the best hotel on Zlatar Mountain and one of the best hotels in Southwest Serbia, at the elevation of 1200 meters.

The Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel is set at the point of Babića brdo, the most beautiful location of the Zlatar Mountain, only 600 meters from the ski run which is 800 meters long and features ski lift of 420 meters, as well as the “Briježđa” ski slope of 1000 meters with 4-seater ski lift and the children ski run, by the Center Hotel, with options for rental of ski equipment and ski school in winter, while in summer there is available the trim health trail, sport grounds and children playground with the Adventure Park.

The Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel in Zlatar Mountain is set in the heart of the thick fragrant beech and pine forests of invigorating Zlatar Mountain, rich in clean beneficial mountainous air with ozone and turpentine.

The Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel is comfortable tourist 4 class tourist facility of highest standards and refined features /quality of 4 stars/, with capacity of some 70 beds in 33 nicely appointed rooms and suites, which makes the best destination of visitors of various profiles and interests in southeast Serbia – from Zlatibor to Sjenica and Ivanjica, and surely for all who seek natural oasis for invigorating vacations or curing and rehabilitation. Suites of the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel come with king-size or separate beds, and additional bedroom with separate living room.

The Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel on Zlatar Mountain covers 1.900 sq m and contains various amenities aimed to comfortable stay and benefits of the almost unknown Zlatar Mountain.

Accommodation in the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel is provided in 70 beds in total of 33 impeccably clean double-twin rooms with king-size beds or separate beds, family rooms and apartments, equipped with massive wooden furniture, free internet and linen of natural origin.

Rooms of the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel on Zlatar Mountain are designed with comfortable wooden furniture and beds, equipped with direct phone, LCD SAT TV, central heating, wall-to-wall carpets, pleasant spacious bathrooms with hair dryer and toiletries.

Most of bedrooms of the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel on Zlatar Mountain feature terrace with magnificent view to the gorgeous, fresh and well preserved natural environment of Zlatar Mountain. Each piece of furniture of the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel, from beds to chairs, come from the original vision and personal manufacture of Željko’s hands.

When he was basketball player, Željko Topalović did not know any craft, but has learned much and succeeded various skills, from the carpentry to the ceramist, once he faced the challenge to built his comfortable hotel by his own hands.

Additional amenities of the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel are spacious restaurant and bar with 130 seats, fully equipped meeting room for up to 100 delegates and the open terrace, which is the favorite place for guests staying in this wonderful area.

The hotel Restaurant makes very suitable venue for various memorable events, weddings and celebrations. In the restaurant of the Zlatarski Zlatnik Hotel are served finest specialties of the Serbian and local cuisines, prepared of locally grown fresh produces, as well as the refined choice of international food and drinks, that totally fulfill tastes and wishes of visitors.

Zlatar Mountain is about 260 km south of Belgrade, 60 km away from Uzice, about 310 km south of Novi Sad and about 190 km away from Podgorica and about 200 km from Sarajevo….

Guests staying here have 3 ski runs at their disposal, as slopes of Zlatar Mountain are very suitable for the winter sports – ski run by the Panorama Hotel, 800 meters long, with ski lift of 420 meters, ski run “Briježđa” or 1000 meters, with 4-seater cable car and the children ski run, by the Centar Hotel.

There is ski rental service and ski school, while in summer visitors of Zlatar Mountain enjoy in the trim foot paths, sport grounds and the children playground, as well as numerous benefits of the wonderful nature and well preserved cultural heritage.

Special advantage and joy make visit to the Uvac Special Nature Reserve, the largest natural habitat of griffin vulture in the Balkans, including memorable boat ride and observation of nests on the high cliffs of this rare and protected predator bird.

The Uvac Reserve is the eco- zone of Serbia and attracts numerous visitors thanks to interesting scenery and beautiful landscapes, clear waters of lakes rich in fish, rafting offer and photo safari. Along with premium health and natural advantages of the Zlatar Mountain, visitors are strongly recommended to visit nearby cultural and tourist attractions and manifestations – Dubnica Monastery, Mileševa Monastery, log churches in Kućani and Radijevići village, Church of Holy Trinity in Bistrica, the sirijada – Cheese Festival, Wolf chase, Days of organic buckwheat production, workshop of old crafts and handwork of the Stari zanati za novo doba type, FANTASTIC Brass Orchestra of Ivan Djenadic from the nearby village, Association for maintaining the traditional way of singing…

The authentic tourist rural households in close proximity are very interesting, as they are particular keepers of customs and heritage, proudly preserving benefits and secrets of the highlanders culture and vitality – the old Vlach village of Štitkovo, traditional households which successfully provide tourist services, producers of authentic products with geographic origin of Zlatar Mountain – Zlatar Cheese, buckwheat pie, organic homemade juices, natural honey, medical teas and balms…

Zlatar Mountain is rightfully air spa and often regarded as the “Epicenter of Health Energy”. All entirely ecologic characteristics of Zlatar mountain perform its name – the golden mountain : flowering meadows rich in medicinal herbs, crystal emerald-green lakes surrounded by pine and birch forests, the harmony of the Mediterranean and mountainous climate, numerous sunny days /over 2000 sunny hours per year/, fresh mountain air rich in turpentine and ozone, spectacular endless views…

Besides patients with cardie-vascular and arterial blood pressure illnesses, on Zlatar Mountain are successfully cured patients with diagnosis of anemia, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and bronchitis. Along the heart and lung diseases, it is determined that Zlatar Mountain is very suitable and efficient in healing illnesses of modern era, caused by stress and immune fall, such are manager illness and Coxsackie virus.

Zlatar Mountain is destination of health nature, waters and food, which make local population among the healthiest in the planet, greatly improve health condition of visitors and provide ill patients healing effects. Protected natural species – griffin vulture, rare species of butterflies and endemic plants survive here thanks to preserved and healthy natural environment of the Zlatar Mountain.

A most modern Adventure Park was opened recently in front of the Panorama Hotel, next to the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel. It provides visitors of Zlatar Mountain lots of fun, while overcoming the obstacles, crossing from one to another pine tree, and “flying” along the safe-ropes from one part of the forest to another !