Zlatar Mountain

Zlatar Mountain

Zlatar Mountain /Golo Brdo highest peak, 1627 meters/ is located between Lim, Mileševka and Bistrica rivers at the edge of the wild Pester Plateau, in south-western Serbia. All the entirely ecologic characteristics of the wonderful Zlatar Mountain perform meaning and characteristics of its name /golden mountain – the Blacksmith/ : flowering meadows rich in medicinal herbs, crystal emerald-green lakes surrounded by thick pine and birch forests, organic production of buck-wheat and sipping herbal tea on the scented herbal pillows, the harmony of the Mediterranean and mountainous climate, numerous sunny days /over 2000 sunny hours per year/, fresh mountain air rich in turpentine and ozone, spectacular endless views…

Thanks to its morphology, pleasant climate, specific fauna and intact nature, the Zlatar Mountain ranks among the main tourist regions in Serbia, highly suitable for Eco, sport and re-creative activities, nature-discovery excursions, health and wellness tourism, hunting, conventions and village tourism. The largest habitat of the protected Balkan predator bird “griffin vulture” is located above the Uvac River Canyon, which belongs to the protected natural environment of Serbia. The Uvac Special Nature Reserve best represents the entire ecological region of South west Serbia itself, and due to richness of crystal-clear waters is abundant in fresh-water fish, with the rafting and photo-safari programs that attract many visitors and make one of the most favorite destinations in PANACOMP arrangements…..

By the Regulation of Republic of Serbia the area of the valley of Uvac River which contains Uvac, Zlatar and Radoinja Lakes, as well as hills between rivers of Uvac and Vapa and parts of their tributaries /Veljušnica, Zlošnica, Marića reka, Tisovica, Vršavina, Kladnica/ and their numerous streams are declared the Protected Natural Value of the First Category that covers the area of 7543 hectares and thus experiences special preservation regime.

As the water level of the Uvac Lake and the Zlatar area lakes varies and is not predictable being dependant on the energy needs, regular boat rides along the protected lake area of the Uvac Special Nature Reserve is not always available. Thus jeep rides are organized to excite visitors. The Tour along the Uvac Special Nature Reserve begins with a picturesque and scenic safari ride through Zlatar Mountain, one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia which is part of the Stari Vlah group of the Dinaric Alps. Zlatar Mountain is further surrounded by lakes and features beautiful flora and fauna including dense pine trees forests. The jeep ride leads to a magnificent viewpoint, with unspoilt panoramic vistas of the region. Following the safari ride we start our hiking along ridge over the spectacular meanders of Uvac. Many beautiful viewpoints line up one after another allowing many photographic opportunities of this natural paradise. The jeep ride includes drive with jeep vehicles in total length of 40 kilometers. After arriving to the viewpoint there is wonderful opportunity to take a hike through the forest along the ridge all the way to the another beautiful viewpoint. Hike is around 40 minutes both ways, along more or less flat terrain, nothing too demanding. This is optional if visitors are into hiking.

Three emerald-green artifical lakes, the Zlatar, the Sjenica-Uvac and the Radoinja Lakes, as well as the Mileševa Monastery and other Medieval Monasteries and Churches and numerous well-preserved traditional customs and hospitable locals complete the tourist offer of Zlatar Mountain, that is often considered the most beautiful mountain in Serbia and the region. Finest quality of cow milk and extensive breed of milking cows, which freely live on pastures of Zlatar Mountain, guarantee excellent quality of full fat milk, which in the process of ripening and fermentation provide recognizable and uniquely autochtonous Zlatar cheese – which belongs to a group of white semi-hard cheeses. The Zlatar cheese is one of the most famous autochthnous dairy products from Serbia and protected brand of Nova Varos region with intense and favorable features, that can not be forged. There are around ten registered traditional cheese manufacturers in Nova Varos region, whose manufactured cheese quality excites visitors of Zlatar and consumers.

The 15 cycling routes of total 400 km have been marked within the West Serbia area, in favor of the active bikers and cyclists outdoor vacations. In this way the marked cycling routes connect tourist destination which provide visitors and locals choice of their wishes and physical conditions, as well as to choose tourist attractions they want to visit. Zlatibor is connected with the Tara Mountain via Mokra gora, Divčibare with the Užice area, Kosjerić and Požega. Arilje and Ivanjica are connected with the Golija Mountain, Uvac Special Nature Reserve, Pešter Plateau, Zlatar and Prijepolje. The cycling routes are well marked with the tourist signposts, there are wooden coverage in the resting points for cyclists, hikers and mountaineers. For the active vacations in Serbia, there are available bikes to rent.

A most modern Adventure Park was opened recently in front of the Panorama Hotel, next to the Zlatarski zlatnik Hotel. It provides visitors of Zlatar Mountain lots of fun and excitements while overcoming the obstacles, crossing from one to another pine tree, and “flying” along the safe-ropes from one part of the forest to another !