Zabljak Wooden Chalets of Boskovic Family

Zabljak Wooden Chalets of Boskovic Family

Durmitor Mountain is National Park of Montenegro and tremendous mountain chain of 27 breathtaking peaks over 2,200 meters high and total of 48 peaks over 2,000 meters high, 5 canyons and 18 glacial lakes, which are called by locals Gorske Oci or Mountain Eyes. Durmitor Mountain is the second highest mountain range of Dinaric Alps, behind Prokletije mountain chains. Beautiful Durmitor mountain range is situated in the north-western part of Montenegro and is surrounded by deep valleys and canyons from three side – on the north by the second deepest canyon in the world and deepest in Europe – Tara River canyon, on the west by the incredible canyon of Piva River and Pivska Planina mountain, and on the south by challenging Komarnica River canyon.

On the east Durmitor Mountain is open to huge vast plateau called Jezerska Povrs which ends on the edge of the wild Sinjajevina Mountain. The breathtaking Durmitor National park which covers an area of 39000 hectares was formed by glaciers and is traversed by rivers and underground streams. Durmitor Mountain is really so rich in its diversities which for its favorable climatic conditions and specific reflection of mountain lakes, breathtaking canyons and blossoming meadows provide unforgettable experience and impressions to every visitor.

The Durmitor Mountain massif of Šareni Pasovi has two summits – Sareni Pasovi /2248 meters/ and Štit /2236 meters/ which are wide known as “The Trademark” of Durmitor. Šareni Pasovi /Stit/ was created from sedimentary crests. Its beautiful and impressive outlook attracts numerous mountaineers to climb it every year. Šareni Pasovi is one of 6 peaks which surround the heart of Durmitor Mountain and its most beautiful corner – Dolina Škrckih Jezera /Škrka Lakes Valley, 1723 meters/. Together with Bobotov Kuk 2523 meters, Bezimeni Vrh 2487 meters, Djevojka 2440 meters, Prutas 2393 meters and Planinica 2330 meters, Sareni Pasovi dominate above beautiful Skrka Lakes. Šareni Pasovi are placed between two peaks, Djevojka /2240 meters/ on the north and Prutas /2393 meters/ on south-southwest. On the northers side Šareni Pasovi /Štit/ is separated from Djevojka by impressive and beautiful Samar /2075 meters/ pass, which is impressive and natural door to Skrka Lakes Valley and the entrance from the eastern side. Savin Kuk /2313 m/ is one of the most beautiful, most recognized, most photographed and most visited peaks on Durmitor Mountain. Savin Kuk is an unfailing part of famous and incredible panorama of Crno Jezero /Black Lake, 1416 meters/, which contain also a Medjed /2287 meters/ peak. Its beautiful triangle shaped peak on the left from Medjed peak, dominates above amazing beauty of Crno Jezero, which is surrounded with beautiful black pine forests. This panorama is trademark of Durmitor and Montenegro.

Savin Kuk is the most visited peak of Durmitor National Park because of the chair lift that climbs high up its eastern slopes and stops only hundred meters below the summit, near Savina Voda /Sava’s Water spring/. Chair lift is part of Durmitor Ski Center and contributes to the beauty of the eastern side of Savin Kuk peak which rises some 800 m above the Jezerska Povrs /Plateau of Lakes/. This side of Durmitor Mountain is called Cista Strana /Clean Side/. Durmitor’s snow cover lasts 120 days per year and its best slopes are Savin kuk, Štuoc and Javorovača. Savin kuk slope is 3500 meters long and has two chairlifts, a ski lift, nursery lift and a ski service. Štuoc is somewhat shorter /2,600 meters/ but very exciting, and Javorovača’s 800 meters are perfect for those preferring short runs. Snowboarding is increasingly popular in recent years, as many enthusiast gatherings and competitions are being held at Durmitor.

During the last ice age Durmitor was heavily glaciated. 18 beautiful lakes were formed of the melted ice. People call them Gorske Oci or Mountain Eyes. They are scattered all over mountain and Jezerska Povrs /plateau of lakes/. Crno Jezero /1416m/is the second largest glacial lake in Montenegro and the largest one on Durmitor Mountain. Safely dipped into deep conifer forest with perfect background provided by Savin Kuk and Medjed peaks, Crno Jezero – Black Lake – deserves every superlative it gets. It got its name after the lush conifer forests that surround it. Crno Jezero is placed on the northeastern side of rounded central part of the Durmitor mountain, at the edge of Jezerska Povrs plateau, 3km from center of Zabljak town. The Black Lake is divided in two parts by two peninsulas : smaller and larger lake. The narrow and shallow passage Struga connects peninsulas. Lake is 1155m long and 810m wide. Larger lake is 855m long and 615m wide, while smaller lake is 605m long and 400m wide. Length of the coast line at maximum water level is 4395 meters. Depth of the smaller lake is 49m and 24.5m of the larger lake. Walking path goes around the Black lake that provides premium experience while staying in the marvelous mountain. Last 800 meters are closed for traffic, there is parking there. In mid summer water temperature in upper layers along the lake shore can reach 20°C or more so is suitable for swimming. Lake is filled by few creeks and springs of which most powerful is Celina spring. In time of rapid snow melting appearance of the water is accompanied by powerful blast, like a mine explosion. At such times when water tributaries are abundant Crno Jezero looses water via Otoka creek at north-eastern corner and flows towards Zabljak but goes underground few kilometers behind the lake, on the meadows below Pitomine hills.

There are 748 springs of pure mountain water and forests in which trees are over 100 years old. Along the 2,000km of climbing and hiking trails you can find many caves such as Ledena Pecina /Ice Cave/ which is below Obla Glava peak. Close to the Durmitor Massif is the Tara river, the longest river in Montenegro. Tara River is the longest and deepest river in Europe, reaching at points 1,300 sheer meters. White water rafting from May until October on the Tara River is premium attraction for extreme sports fans and the more adventurous who enjoy exciting rafting trips. 82 km long Tara River Canyon which is part of the Durmitor National Park and one of the longest canyons in the world that has been proclaimed an UNESCO world heritage site. Rafting and kayaking can be experienced on Tara River /tourist tour is about 60km long/, with a range of rafts, kayaks or inflatable boats. Sport fishing is permitted in some parts of Tara River.

The town of Zabljak is situated in the north-west of Montenegro, in the heart of the Durmitor region, 1450 meters above sea level, making it thus the highest conurbation in the Balkans. Some 4500 inhabitants live in Zabljak and nearby villages. The steep roofs of its houses reveal that winters are harsh. In the vicinity of Zabljak a lot of tiny villages are located, their age being very different. Some of the villages stand here from times immemorial, but some are very recent. A certain number of villages was formed right were old “katuns” existed / a katun is a stable or house for summer pasture/, or some forgotten former villages. People coming to this region always chose better and more sheltered places, giving the first choice to sunny sides and fat meadows.

All of the Durmitor Mountain advantages can be experienced while staying in beautiful chalets – log houses for rent in Zabljak at the foot of Durmitor Mountain. Boskovic Wooden Houses are located 1,5 km away from the center of Zabljak and 2,5 km from the ski terrains and 3,5 km from the famous Black Lake. Boskovic Chalets are made of wood and provide comfortable stay and luxurious but warm ambiance. Houses are specially suitable for family vacations but also ideal for modern tourists or nature lovers keen to discover numerous benefits of nature. The “large log house” contains spacious living room with sofa which can be used for sleeping, dining room and equipped kitchen, a bathroom and the bedroom with french-bed in the ground floor. Upstairs where you get along the wooden stairs there are two bedrooms and the toilet, of which one bedroom has separate beds and the other one the french-bed. The “large house” has a small back terrace. The “small house” has the living room with sofa which can be extended for sleeping, dining room and equipped kitchen and the bathroom on the ground floor and a double room with french-bed in the upstairs “opened gallery”. Both Large and Small Chalets have central heating, front verandas for enjoying the gorgeous panorama and sun of Durmitor and satellite TV. Linen and towels are provided.

Zabljak is premium destination for both winter and summer vacations. In the summer the area is extremely popular for walkers with 22 marked tracks ranging from a 1 – 2 hour stroll round Black Lake to a 5 – 6 hour hike to the highest summit, Bobotov Kuk /2,525 meters/. Mountaineering of all varieties, ranging from basic hikes to extreme mountain climbing are special attraction of Durmitor mountains, with all the main paths well marked and expertly described. Paragliding can be enjoyed from the highest peak of Savin Kuk /1,953/, as well as from Bosaca and Golubinje. There are perfect conditions for mountain biking, as there are countless cross country and free ride trails, forest trails and a beginner paths for circling around the Black Lake. Kayaks and boats can also be used on the Black Lake for recreation purposes. A photo safari is also recommended in order to capture the natural beauty and unforgettable landscape.

You can get to Žabljak either by the brand new road road from Montenegrin town of Risan which is 145 km long and makes an ideal connection between the northern mountainous part of Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor or along the main road from Podgorica to Zabljak via Niksic and Savnik which is high quality 140 km long road. Form Serbia you get to Zabljak via Mojkovac in 72 km or taking the route from Prijepolje border point via Pljevlja which is 98 km long. You can travel from Podgorica to Zabljak along the other main road direction via Kolasin /the mountain tourist place/ and Mojkovac, through the gorgeous canyons of the rivers Moraca and Tara and further from “Djurdjevica Tara” bridge to Zabljak you have final 23 km. This is spectacular drive of 170 km good road route.