Vinik Winery Vrsac

Long experience of Mr Nikola Cuculj in wine production, and the business and professional experience of Mr Milojko Vilotic resulted in successful business that successfully enhanced their family relationship. The old German /Swabish/ House built in 1900 in the center of Vrsac, with large wine cellar of 200 sq m in size, where the wine was produced in the past, regained its original aim in 2004 when the Vinik Winery was registered. The Vinik Winery is at present the only registered production winery and wine cellar in Vrsac, of 980 wineries that existed 100 years ago.

The Vinik Winery in Vršac produces white, rose and red wine of Vrzole variety and the Bermet wine. The wine cellar of the  Vinik Winery in Vršac is equipped with most advanced eonological equipment and storage capacity of 60000 liters, where the wine fermentation process is held, after which there the wine is kept. The Vržole beli Wine of the Vinik Winery is white dry wine with 13% of alcohol, and rich flavor with gentle fruity aroma, typical for the Chardonnay grape variety. The Vrzole white wine is recommended with white meats and fish, especially with cat-fish and sturgeon. The Vržole Rose wine is red, semi-dry wine with 12% of alcohol. This wine features vibrant Muscat flavor and grape aroma, of which it origins /Muscat Hamburg variety/. Thanks to its specific aroma, its consumption is favorite to women. The Vržole Rose Wine is served at the temperature of 10-12 C and best goes with young cheese, chicken, various pizza and lamb meat. The Vržole Crni wine is dry red wine with 13,5% of alcohol. This wine is produced of the Merlot grape variety, and features aroma of forest fruits, that is typical for this grape variety. The Vržole Crni wine was in 2010 awarded with the Gold Medal of the Novi Sad Fair. This wine should be consumed with dark meats and game, at the temperature of 16 C. The Bermet Crni is special aromatic dessert wine of complex structure and flavor, that is often consumed as aperitif, but also as the dessert drink, with cakes or fruts, at the end of the meal. Medovina /wine from honey/ is ‘wine with soul of honey‘ that features 11,5% of alcohol. Medovina /honey wine/ is natural wine produced from field honey, and is recommended with dessert.

Besides the wine production at the wine cellar of the Vinik Winery, the traditional and nicely appointed tasting room is arranged, and hosts up to 50 visitors-wine lovers in its oak wine tables. The Vinik Winery Vrsac offers its visitors short introduction into ways of serving wines, and organizes various amusement and entertainment, while the charming Wine knight chooses the happiest visitor, who gets the Bohemian acknowledgement certificate. Visitors of the Vinik Winery in Vrsac are often entertained with the tambouritza band of the accordion when it is not easy to leave home…