Ivanović Winery Aleksandrovac

Ivanović Winery Aleksandrovac

Although Dragoslav – Gaga Ivanović graduated the organic Chemistry and for years was engaged in other businesses, the love for wines prevailed and in 1996 the Ivanovic Winery has been established in Aleksandrovac. Foundation of the winery entirely regained the Ivanovic family tradition of wine making, whose ancestors could be proud of the rich wine production before the Second WW.  Today the Ivanovic Family successfully follow steps of their ancestors, as they have succeeded with special dedication, to integrate the old grandfathers recipes into the current uncompromising business philosophy of their winery, which concludes that wine is produces in the vineyards, from where come noble and good quality wines. Plans of the Ivanovic Winery contain development of the wine tourism, that might, as they believe, and if the wine producers of the Zupa wine region join together in designing of the unique Wine Map of the Zupa region, soon might bring great results of this famous wine region.

The Ivanović Winery with the wine cellar is located within the lovely family house in the center of Aleksandrovac, which is the monument of culture under protection, and testifies on diligent wine ancestors, whose successes and achievements about the traditional and genuine taste of the Serbian wines excite and deserve respect and pride. In the yard with flowery garden is small and rustic wine tasting room, where besides wines also excellent food is served, in grape and refined vines ambiance. In the wine cellar of the Ivanović Winery in Aleksandrovac visitors are greeted with the welcome and story of wines produced here, told by the wine producer Gaga, who pays great attention to wine lovers, and their interest and understanding about wines. This interesting story is always “spiced” with the fact that “wine one drinks possesses the legend about the soil from where germinates the vine, about the sun which irradiates the seed, and about the climate that brings its flavor and about the hands of a man who contributes to its taste. The wines presented at the Ivanović Winery originate from the Župa wine region, the small and picturesque basin, encircled by Goc Mountain from the north, and by Kopaonik Mountain from the south, and by the Zeljin Mountain, which protects the whole area of the Zupa from the west”.

Grape growing and wine production in Zupa region date from the period of Romans who ruled this region in the 1-3 century, while the first testimony about wine growing in Zupa region are found in the founding charter of the Serbian King Stefan Nemanja from the 12th century, in which he gifted the Studenica Monastery with huge wine cellars, vineyards and estates of the Zupa region. The controlled yield and the green harvesting is strictly obeyed in the Ivanović Winery in order to provide the wines represent in every sense the benefits of the Zupa wine area and the huge efforts put in it.

The story about wines of the Ivanović Winery in Aleksandrovac, along with the memorable tasting and exclusively paired food, goes somehow as : “A wine or a sweet, one of another, is yet the reflection of the first sincere kiss, that remain for long time in our memories… In harvest of 2006, when we only possessed the vineyard of 0.25 hectares, we first time attempted the late harvest of the Rhine Riesling. With so much attention and dedicated anxiety (because of large quantities of resided sugar in wine) we produced amazing aromatic wine. Ever since this wine is produced every year, in suitable climate conditions. The Rhine Riesling is very complex, dessert wine, of yellow-green color, and strong taste and gentle flavors. The Rhine Riesling goes best at the temperature of 10°C – 12°C along the cream cheeses, cakes of stone fruits and chocolate, or simply in company of a person one would like to spend the whole life”.

If the Prokupac variety is considered the “King of the Zupa Wine region”, then it implies that “Tamjanika” variety is surely “its Queen”. Tamjanika grape variety features straw-yellowish color with green glow, and a characteristic muscat taste and smell, which contains harmony of spices as incense, cinnamon and basil, and refreshing flavors of strawberries and pineapple. The Tamjanika wine goes fine with fish and seafood, and specially with cakes prepared with walnuts and almonds. the Petite Rose (Ružica) is traditional wine of the Zupa region, with a new touch of the Burgundy. It is produced by the cold  maceration of Prokupac and Pinot Noir, after which it gets a cold fermentation of their non-fermented grape juice. The Petite Rose wine features gentle taste, and reminds of strawberries, and a bright red color which reminds of rose petals in their first blossom, in the fluttering smells of the spring. The gentle taste and pleasant acid of the Petite Rose come well with young lamb meat, fruits and fruit desserts, and with laziness of a hot summer day, in the deep shade. The ancient wine variety of Prokupac, known as the “King of the Zupa wine region” comes back from the unduly oblivion, to dominate again the vineyards of the Zupa and far and wide spread its glory. The legend has it that the Prince Lazar was fond of Prokupac wine, and enjoyed to drink it from his own cup. In the past there were majority of the Zupa vineyards planted with the Prokupac grape variety, that the wine company was named after it /Prokupac AD. Only in the Toplica region there was 3400 hectares of vineyards planted with the Prokupac grape variety. This natural wine is produced in the Ivanovic Winery under traditional technology and recipe. The Prokupac wine features dark ruby color, and refreshing and complex smell of matured red fruits, and along with its mild and fine and well-harmonized structure, it is a accompaniment to the noble tones of the traditional Serbian cuisine. It is easily paired with nearly all homemade food of the region, and in some way it belongs to rare wines, on which producers pay their special care and attention, before entering the market, and thus it is easily sampled, but remembered for long time. In last ten years, the wine growers of the Zupa wine region greatly contributed to the “big return” of Prokupac wine to the wine-stage of Serbia, thanks to their dedication and persistence of growing it, and respecting the vow of their ancestors.

One of our memorable events in the Ivanović Winery in Aleksandrovac, after the visit to the vineyards, included wine tasting and fantastic food prepared and served for us, in the following order. This pleasure for all senses was performed by our welcoming hosts, and the wine producer Gaga, a wine knight, who presented it in the memorable way : Fresh salads (tomato, pepper, cucumber, olives, smoked ham and beef, goat cheese with mint, with Petite rose wine;  Mushrooms baked on kaymak with the Tamjanika wine; Small rolled sarma in wine leaves with the Prokupac wine; beefsteak with sauce of forest fruits with No1 wine and dessert with the amazing Zanos wine….