Vujan Monastery

Vujan Monastery

Vujan Monastery is located on the woody south slope of Vujan Mountain, on the road between Čačak and Gornji Milanovac, 4 km from the tiny village of Prislonica known by its well-preserved traditional village architecture and country tourism and by the “Sabor frulasa” – “Get-Together of Flutists” that has traditionally been held in July since 1987.

The Medieval Obrovin Monastery which was constructed during the reign of Nemanjić Dynasty was demolished and abandoned in 1597 after horrifying Turkish atrocities conducted by the notorious Sinan Pasha against the Serbian population. According to the inscription, the Medieval Monastery of Obrovin was abandoned and likewise the Vraćevšnica Monastery had been rebuilt in 1579 by the Bishop Diomidije. Obrovin Monastery was probably destroyed and finally deserted at the end of the 17th century. Present day Monastery of Vujan, dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael, was constructed in 1805 in deep forest close to the previous original church, thanks to the great support of Radisav Milošević from Prislonica village and Nikola Lunjevic from Lunjevica. Vujan Monastery is lovely one-nave church without dome. The tall bell-tower of Vujan Monastery is set above narthex with an eave. The interior of the Vujan Monastery church was painted with frescoes in 1808 which are partially preserved in fragments. Decoration of the iconostasis of the sacral place of Vujan Monastery was carried out by famous fresco-painters brothers Jeremija and Stojan Mihajlović. Vujan Monastery’s Founder Lunjevica later constructed wooden dormitory for monks besides the shrine and the memorial fountain. In the corner of the churchyard Lunjevica built the premises where he used to stay during feasts.

There are several stone tombs in the church of Vujan Monastery beside the tomb of the founder located by the southern wall of naos : the tombs of the unknown monk, the noblemen Nikola Milićevića and Hadzi Josif Milošević, the respected prior of the Vujan Monastery, and relics of Duke Lazar Mutap, well known leader of the First Serbian Uprising. The Queen Draga Mašin, the granddaughter of the Duke Nikola Lunjevac built the monument to commemorate her famous uncle. Serbian King Aleksandar Obrenović granted large and lavish wooden dormitory to the Vujan Monastery. Vujan Monastery celebrates the feast of the Saint Archangel Gabriel on the 26th of July. Archangel Gabriel is one of the Divine Angels that has the role of announcement. Monks dedicated to prayers live in the Vujan Monastery. The Church of Vujan Monastery is under protection of Republic of Serbia as the monument of Culture.

According to the project and by funding of the Tourist Organization of Čačak and by efforts of Stefan Lukić the signalization of the hiking mountainous trail  of the ”Staza patrijarha Pavla” – the health and healing has been built from the Trepca Atomska Banja Spa to the Vujan Monastery. The Patriarch Pavle (then monk Gojko Stoječević) lived in the Vujan Monastery during the Second World War, after diagnosis of severe lung disease, when doctors estimated 3 months until his end. Walks along the Vujan Mountain, the spa healing water and tranquility of the monastic life have helped the monk – future Serbian Patriarch Pavle to get fully recovered and cured. As the gesture of gratitude, the monk carved a wooden cross with Crucifixion which he gifted to the Vujan Monastery. The hiking trail is the more demanding part of the project, for the second phase will provide signposting and thematic boards with thoughts of Patriarch Pavle, along with one more branch of the hiking trail.