Vrnjacka Banja Spa

Vrnjacka Banja Spa

Vrnjacka Banja Spa is usually widely known and often called „the Queen of Serbian Spas” thanks to its long-lasting and rich mineral healing springs and various comfortable and reputed tourist facilities. Vrnjacka Banja Spa is situated in Central Serbia, 200km south of Belgrade, at the height of 230 meters above sea level. In the period from the 2nd to the 4th century Romans had built healing resort of „Aque Orcinae” at Vrnjacka Banja Spa. This most famous spa of Serbia was named after the nearby village of Vrnjci, where the numerous mineral springs of exceptional medical richness were found. The natural curative factors of the mineral waters of the Vrnjacka Banja Spa is greatly reputed whose exploitation started in the 19th century. Vrnjacka Banja Spa features 7 mineral springs, including 4 springs specially suitable for balneo-therapy. Hot springs of Vrnjacka Banja Spa are uniquely suitable for temperature of human body (36,5 C) and used for bath and as drinking water. Cold springs of the Vrnjacka Banja Spa feature temperature from 17-27°C.

Medical indications of Vrnjacka Banja Spa : best known for treatment on diabetes and digestive problems.

Medical treatment: Vrnjačka Banja Spa is home to hot and cold-water mineral springs, which are rich in natural minerals used for rejuvenating both the body and the soul. It is also home to the world’s only hot spring measuring exactly that of the human body (36.5 °C). Vrnjačka Banja Spa has five springs, which are divided into two categories of medical mineral waters: hot (36.5 °C), carbon-acidic homeo-thermal and cold (14-27 °C), alkaline, earth alkaline and carbon-acidic.

The Romans were the first who drew our attention to the curative properties of the waters in Vrnjačka Banja and their various benefits. By leaving behind many traces of their great civilization and culture it is as if they wanted to show us that we should continue and cherish the spa tradition and preserve and look after the natural surroundings of Vrnjačka Banja and leave the most positive impression and win every visitor over by our famous hospitality.

The wonderful park with long promenades in Vrnjačka Banja has been well-known ever since the 19th century, built to resemble the famous spa parks throughout Europe. The vast and beautiful parks represent the most recognizable symbol of the most popular spa in Serbia, and provide excellent conditions for long walks in wonderful environment. In Vrnjacka Banja spa there are numerous wonderful villas that are nowadays turned into comfortable accommodation facilities, or guests may use well-refurbished or newly opened hotels in Vrnjacka Banja Spa with plenty of spa and wellness services. There are numerous facilities for all ages of visitors in the Vrnjacka Banja Spa parks, which also features the famous Japanese Garden that contributes to full relaxation and enjoyment of visitors. Walk along the park in Vrnjacka Banja Spa provides visit to the Most ljubavi – the Love Bridge, which is one of the highlights of the spa. The most significant historical monuments of the Serbian medieval culture can be found in the closer and wider area of the Vrnjacka Banja Spa and this beautiful region. There are numerous Medieval Monasteries located in the immediate surroundings of Vrnjacka Banja Spa which keep the most beautiful frescoes of Byzantine art – Zica Monastery, Studenica Monastery, Gradac Monastery, Saint George Pillars – Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, Sopocani Monastery, Saint Peters Church….

Places to see: this region is known for the most significant monuments of the Serbian medieval culture, especially monasteries with impressive fresco paintings. UNESCO protects some of them as the world cultural heritage such are monastery complexes of Studenica and Sopoćani (13th century), Ljubostinja Monastery, town of Krusevac, Zica Monastery, Gradac Monastery, Kalenic Monastery. Wine lovers should visit the nearby Grabak Winery for tasting of excellent wines or some of their attractive activities. The famous grape harvest is traditionally celebrated in Aleksandrovac at the Župa Wine Festival at the end of September, attracting thousands of visitors who come to enjoy in wines and fun. Local wine producers of the Zupa wine region serve up their finest selections of delicious wines from the nearby vineyards and authentic food is served on the “Wine Street”. During the Wine Festival in Aleksandrovac at the Zupa wine region there is a Fountain of Wine exposed and harvest celebrated. Morava and Ibar rivers feature speeds, rapids and many bridges and provide tourists a challenging chance to experience nature as they raft, float or paddle down the river bcs those rivers are suitable for rafting, kayaking and small motorboats.