Vrhpolje Ethno Settlement Ljubovija

Vrhpolje Ethno Settlement Ljubovija

The Vrhpolje Ethno – traditional settlement is authentic comfortable tourist complex right on the banks of the emerald Drina river bank, fully encircled with greenery and flowers, 8 km away from Ljubovija, on the road – so called the ‘Drina magistrala’ which connects Šabac – Ljubovija – Užice. The Vrhpolje Ethno settlement in Ljubovija is 190 km away from Belgrade, the same distance from Novi Sad – via Fruška Gora Mt/, 40 km away from Bajina Bašta and 66 km away from Užice. The Vrhpolje Ethno complex oon the Drina River in Ljubovija is adorned with spacious yard full of flowers and greenery, and wonderful open restaurant terrace with an open bar right above the Drina river water. The aim of the diligent and dedicated owners of the Vrhpolje Ethno traditional settlement is to regain memory of the past and the authentic lifestyle and customs of the Azbukovica area – this intact nature area of Western Serbia.

Traditional style and authentic ambiance of wooden logs of the Vrhpolje traditional settlement is named after fruits grown in this beautiful area – Kruska /Pear/, Sljiva /Plum/, Jabuka /Apple/, Malina /Strawberry/, Dunja /Quince/, Visnja /Cherry/. Accommodation of the Vrhpolje ethno settlement  is adjusted to taste and needs of visitors who love and respect nature as the whole complex keeps the traditions, customs, old crafts, heritage and old healthy and slow lifestyle with extraordinary tasty food. Here at the Vrhpolje Ethno traditional settlement on Drina River in Ljubovija visitor immediately feels the spirit and tradition of the beginning of the 19th century – the wooden logs, wheat and corps storage, hand woven rugs, colorful carpets, wooden beds covered with handwoven coverings, shallow tables and chairs, maiden’s chests, various hand-knitted belts…. and a quince on top of the wardrobe!

Besides comfortable accommodation, the Vrhpolje Ethno settlement provides its visitors homemade delicious food and drinks, prepared exclusively of healthy locally grown supplies, as per recipes of glorious ancestors. Visitors enjoy the wonderful smells and flavors of homemade bread, roasted piglet, various specialties of freshly caught river fish, grilled meat, ‘brigand’s’ beans and goulash, various seasonal and pickled salads, homemade sweets… as well as in best homemade rakija of plum, pear, apple, apricot, medlar…. and authentic organic products like raspberry and strawberry jams and juices… The Vrhpolje Ethno settlement on the Drina river is an attractive and interesting tourist center of open heart, widely known by its hospitality, finest homemade rood and well-preserved traditions and original customs of the Serbian village.

Regardless the season, visitors of the Vrhpolje Ethno settlement provide unique opportunity to discover beauties of the Drina River, and the nature and cultural heritage of the historic Azbukovica area. Here are successfully organized various traditional and tourist events, gourmet competitions and painting classes, likewise various outdoor activities – hiking, fishing, rafting along the Drina River…. The Soko Grad Monastery is the symbol of irresistible Serbian people and famous Orthodox shrine dedicated to the Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic. The Soko Grad Monastery for years hosts young people of the Serbian diaspora who are participants of the traditional event closely related and connected with the moba – Serbian custom. The widely famous Drinska regatta is held on the Drina river, on the Rogačica – Gornja Trešnjica – Ljubovija.