Vrdnik Rural Tourism – Vrdnik accommodation

Vrdnik Banja Spa is a picturesque settlement and the natural spa resort located on the southern gentle slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park in the northern Serbia. Vrdnik Banja Spa is situated 200 meters above sea level inside the “Fruska Gora” National Park and surrounded with numerous Medieval Monasteries dating from the 15th and the 16th century. With a population of 4000 inhabitants, Vrdnik is an oasis of peace and quietness located only 27 km away from Novi Sad and 70 km from Belgrade, next to the Medieval Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery. Vrdnik is abundant in fresh air and beautiful natural ambiance, with numerous activities available to practice throughout the year. Natural curative factors of the Vrdnik Banja Spa : Its healing powers lie in the fresh air, preserved nature, mild climate, and therapeutic and recreational baths with mineral waters (T 32.8°C) rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfates and nitrates.