Vrdnik Banja Spa

Vrdnik Banja Spa

Vrdnik Banja Spa is a picturesque spa settlement and the famous natural spa resort located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park in the northern Serbia. Vrdnik banja Spa is situated 200 meters above sea level within the protected area of the “Fruska Gora” National Park. Featuring population of some 4000 inhabitants, Vrdnik is an oasis of peace, medical waters, fresh air, invigoration and quietness located only 27 km from Novi Sad and 70 km from Belgrade. In Vrdnik Banja Spa and the surrounding area there is a valuable cultural and historical heritage which dates back to the Bronze Age through the Roman period and the Middle Ages until today, such are the Vrdnik – Ravanica Monastery, the Jazak Monastery and Hopovo Monastery and other Medieval Monasteries of Fruska Gora area. Visitors of the Vrdnik Banja Spa can choose among variety of accommodation facilities for their relaxed vacations – from the simple and clean private rooms to rent to various types of comfortable apartments, boarding houses to the luxury spa + wellness hotels of the highest category and standard.

Natural curative factors of the Vrdnik Banja Spa: Its healing powers is in the mountainous fresh air, preserved nature, mild climate, and therapeutic and recreational baths with mineral waters (T 32.8°C) rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, sulfates and nitrates. Medical indications of Vrdnik Banja Spa: extra articular rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism, chronic rheumatism, disorders of the peripheral nervous system, post-operative conditions of the spine, various painful disorders, and balneo-climatic recuperation.

Medical treatment: Hotel “Thermal”(3***) is recently reconstructed hotel located within the Spa Therapeutic Unit with full accommodation capacity of 260 beds, restaurants, convention center with 500 seats, “sunny terrace”, 3 indoor swimming pools and 2 outdoor pools with thermal water of 26 – 36 °C temperature. In the modern Therapeutic Unit the guests are offered with integrated system of services hydrotherapy, electro-therapy, kinesys-therapy, gym, sauna, hand and vibro massages. Due to the joint spa and accompanying hotel facilities it is specially suitable for recreational stay and sport preparations.

‘Vrdnik – the tourist metropolis of Srem in the Irig Municipality in the heart of Fruska Gora Mountain/National Park is encircled with the oldest national park of Serbia and makes the place with clear fresh mountain air and thermal waters…. it tells the story on natural, cultural, historical values of this area, with the recently improved traditional gastronomy. Once mining settlement is nowadays turned into hotel-recreative-health-curative capacities of the Termal Hotel, the Premier Aqua Hotel and the Fruske Terme Resort, making the Vrdnik Banja Spa the highly prestigious destination which for years bases its development on tourism. Regognizing various opportunities of optimal geographical position, climatic conditions that are enhanced with cultural and historical specificies of this area, likewise the characteristics of food, the EDUCONS University in Sremska Kamenica in Mid May had opened the GOURMET Educational Center in Vrdnik which is innovative tourist product and unique one in the area with the aim of regional gastronomic tourism. This original idea and its realization attracted attention of international expert audience that resulted in the project financed from the second call of Interreg-IPA CBC programm cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Serbia.” Top Srbija

The mining settlement – so-called Nova kolonija – New Colony of the brown coal in Vrdnik is part of the settlement from the large construction works during the first decade of the 20th century. Then the unique architectural complex was built on the land of the Ravanica Vrdnik Monastery that contained identical structures in regular rows with two flats each, along the patterns of the industrial centers in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Czeck Republic. In 1907 the Ministry of Finance of the Hungarian Government bought the Vrdnik coal mine when started time of accelerated and speed development of the settlement. The Vrdnik industrial complex included the Hungarian school built 1909-1910, the boarding school and hotel for business partners, as well as shops, cinema and other structures aimed for the social life of the locals. After closing of the coal mine of Vrdnik, at the end of the sixties of the 20th century, nearly all structures of the Vrdnik industrial heritage were destroyed. There is initiative to protect and reconstruct remains of the industrial heritage of the Vrdnik Banja Spa by the special law that would testify on the two-centuries exploatation of brown coal in Vrdnik.

In the Old Colony of the Vrdnik Banja Spa lives Davorin Majhenšek with his family who is descendant of the native mining family whose forefather settled here from Slovenia at the end of the 19th century during the economical migrations of numerous Slovenians and Croats from Zagorje and the surrounding that are connected with the establishment of the coal mine in Vrdnik owned by the Pongrac Family from Styria. The Majhenšek Family left significant trace in the history of this picturesque settlement in Fruska Gora Mountain, with its member Franja Majhenšek who was one of the four miners who died in the huge mine accident in the middle of the last century.

The local Vrdnil Davorin Majhenšek connected his life with Vrdnik and Fruška gora which he adorn being expert in mushrooms, and had dedicated his life and business philosophy at the Vrdnik Drvo workshop in the Old Colony of Vrdnik, famous and recognized for highly designed wooded products he manufactures with the small and selected team. Beside this, here visitors can taste uniquely tasty food of Fruska Gora area, prepared from locally grown ingredients with addition of herbs and love for Fruska Gora.

Places to see: to In the vicinity of Vrdnik Banja Spa there are 16 Orthodox Monasteries dating from the end of 15th and beginning of 16th century, the Vrdnik Tower from the Roman period through wonderful forest, Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery, Fruska Gora National Park, Perko’s traditional Farm House in Neradin village, Ruza vetrova tourist complex in Mala Remeta village, Fruskogorska lugarnica tourist complex in Mala Remeta village, Deuric Winery in Mala Remeta village, Sremski Karlovci, wine cellars and wineries of Fruska Gora National Park-Mountain….