Vranjak Eco settlement Bjelasica Mountain

Eco-summer pasture settlement (katun) Vranjak is one of the most authentic rustically appointed places to stay in on the Bjelasica mountain in north Montenegro, set at 1750 meters above sea level, on the edge of the Biogradska Gora National Park, only few kilometers from the Jezerine Ski Center. The location of the Vranjak eco summer pasture settlement is in a beautifully remote scenery of rolling pastures and clean mountain air of Kolasin and the Bjelasica Mountain. Vranjak eco summer pasture settlement in Bjelasica Mt looks from the Zekova glava mountain peak like a real magic village run by special and tough people who respect the simple past times. At the end of a bumpy dirt track, along with a number of outdoor options to practice, this rustic settlement in Bjelasica Mountain makes an excellent choice to adventure lovers and adventurers for the memorable active holidays in Montenegro.

The area of the Vranjak Eco summer pasture settlement in Bjelasica Mountain has been originally used for grazing by local shepherds throughout the summer. The Vranjak Eco summer pasture settlement was established to proudly present the rich traditions and lifestyle of Montenegrin highlanders performed for centuries, and well-preserved until the present. Here on the farms the cordial and welcoming owners run their own organic food production that is served to the visitors of the Vranjak eco katun.

This rustic Vranjak eco settlement in Bjelasica Mountain features some 70 simple beds in 10 individual wooden chalets – original huts dotted across the hillside with shingle rooftops and smoking chimneys. Some huts feature 7 beds while the smaller look like the snow sledge and have 2 beds. The natural surroundings of the Vranjak eco summer pasture settlement in Bjelasica Mountain are perfectly complimented by the sustainable cabins which are void of electricity but feature wood burning fires and comfortable mattresses covered in clean sheets, warm woolen blankets and soft pillows. There’s a shared outhouse towards the back of the huts with a couple of toilets and separate shower stalls that are powered with warm water from solar panels. Open-air washbowls are fixed on the outside of the wooden stalls complete with a small mirror, soap and taps gushing with clean glacial water. Herds of goats and cows wander freely between the huts of the Vranjak eco settlement, nibbling at the carpet of grass to the tune of the echoing bells strung around the necks of the cows. After invigorating hikes and other amazing outdoor adventures, visitors enjoy in the wonderful panorama of the surrounding mountains and the sky sparkled with twinkling stars and the warmth of the little huts…..

When the weather is nice, visitors and guests of the Vranjak eco settlement enjoy fantastic organic food in the wonderful open air dining area set around a campfire. Some guests decide to become a part of the family and take part in every day works or food preparation. Here guests are offered with almost forgotten specialties of Montenegro – delicious freshly made bread with kaymak, cheese, yoghurt, Kolasin kacamak /hominy/, cicvara, popara, lamb roasted under the pot, lamb cooked in milk, country vegetable soup, a huge plateful of roasted goat and boiled potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley, peasants grilled meat and sausage, forest fruits, mushrooms, various teas, natural juices, homemade brandies, natural honey, priganice – freshly fried dough, blueberry jam……

Special highlanders activities are organized for groups staying at the Vranjak Eco summer pasture settlement in Bjelasica Mountain, or in the village of Trebaljevo, the Tara River Canyon, Durmitor National Park – cow milking, making the famous cheese in layers, making kaymak, making wood for fire, collecting grass and making hay stocks, preparation of rakija in traditional way….. or some modern and traditional sports, like hiking, horse back riding, rafting on Tara River, riding or mountain bikes, or throwing stones from shoulder, jumping, pulling the rope, orienteering, survival in wilderness, archery….. Visitors from all over the world of the Vranjak eco summer pasture settlement in Bjelasica Mt enjoy in various outdoor activities and excursion to the peaks of Durmitor and gentle pastures of the Pivska planina Mountain, turquoise waters of the Piva lake and deep breathtaking canyons of the Piva and the Tara Rivers.