Voivodina Evening

Voivodina Evening




Voivodina is Province of Serbia located in the southeast part of the fertile and spacious Pannonian Plain, in the northern part of Serbia, called by many the „breadbasket” of Europe. During its long history Voivodina Province was inhabited by various people and ethnic groups, maintaining and enriching its colorful multiculturalism until today. Voivodina is the „soul” of Serbia, which proudly preserves and cherishes tradition and innate values, deeply woven into the „sleepy” villages, small settlements and smooth cities.

Novi Sad, the capital of Voivodina is called the „Serbian Athens” and is the center of cultural events in the region. Featuring more then 25 different ethnicities, Voivodina is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in Europe, where each community is the „guardian” of distinct cultural, historical and spiritual heritage and customs.
Voivodina evening” is the joyful event organized in Novi Sad/or the surrounding salash-farms in duration of ca 3 hours, which abounds in numerous exciting activities and thrilling personal experiences of visitors, inspired and conducted by authentic folk dances and colorful costumes, songs, great food and fun, that truly represent the multicultural relationship, customs, traditions, folklore and gastronomy which adorn Voivodina region. Visitors attend /and actively take part in/ exciting dances and performances of folklore societies and orchestras, humorous content, while enjoying in the finest specialties of the Voivodina cuisine. During the „Voivodina evening” visitors are invited to learn the basic steps of the traditional dances of Voivodina, conduced and helped by local folklore performers and teachers, dress parts of folk costumes and truly experience the unforgettable open-mindness, and genuine companionship and hospitality of their hosts.

Price: 30 EUR per person/Min. 25 participants/; 25 EUR per person/Min. 45 participants/;
Included: welcome drink, Vojvodina menu /meat or vegetarian/, live folklore and music performance of cultural and artistic ensemble/ orchestra, TA Panacomp Wonderland Travel support and logistics.

Application deadline : 15 days prior the “Voivodina Evening”