Vodena Poljana Mountain cottage

On gorgeous Zlatar Mountain, more specific in VODENA POLJANA, 10km from Nova Varos, on a 1450m above a sea level is your excellent choice if seeking for relaxed vacation.

With accommodation capacity of 4 apartments, one single and one double room this picturesque hotel provides genuine shelter for joint parties and retreats.

Residence is famous for its delicious organic food from this region, prepared in “highlander’s” tradition : buckwheat pancakes and lamb meat in a kaymak. During winters it is all covered by snow so hidden to preserve tranquility…

Services : B/B, F/B, H/B

Places to see : Ledena Cave, Zlatibor Mountain, Mecavnik Wooden Town, Mokra Gora, “Terzica Avlija” Ethno-settlement/ceramics workshop, Tara Mountain, Zlatar Mountain, Uvac lake, Uvac Canyon, Mileseva Monastery.