Vlasina Lake Villa accommodation property 098

Vlasina Lake Villa – property 098

Vlasina Lake rural tourism – PANACOMP Villa – property for rent 098

PANACOMP Property 098 is modern residential apartment complex on the beautiful Vlasina Lake, facilitating comfortable and relaxed vacations throughout the year for customers who seek the true natural and eco environment and extraordinary food. The Best Villa is located on the shore of the beautiful Vlasina Lake, some 300 km south of Belgrade, 5 km from the Vlasina dam and 100 meters from the main road connecting border crossings with Bulgaria /Ribarce, 42 km and Strezimirovci, 23 km/. Thanks to its uniquely pleasant elevation of 1230 meters /suitable position near the main road encircling the lake, but yet away from the road crowds and noise/, perfectly clean fresh mountainous air, pleasant climate, and the magnificent Vlasina Lake landscapes, the “Villa Best” provides ‘the best place to be’ and premium conditions for unforgettable invigorating vacations throughout the year, rich in amazing activities and fun.

Accommodation capacity of the Best Villa at Vlasina Lake is some 30 beds in comfortable rooms and apartments, but additional accommodation is available in surrounding villas and facilities. The ground floor of the Best Villa features a triple apartment with a fire place and an extra bed /if needed for family stay/, a king-bed room; first floor – a king-bed room, two suites with two single separate beds and a king-bed, suite with two separate beds; second floor – a triple- bedroom including king-bed and an extra bed, double room with facilities, 2 spacious triple-beds suites with an extra bed, suitable for small companies or families, over-viewing the amazing Vlasina Lake. Rooms of the Best Villa on Vlasina Lake are comfortable and nicely appointed, equipped with comfortable mattresses and modern bathrooms with showers, to suit needs and demands of its guests and provide pleasant stay at the Vlasina Lake.

A huge modern restaurant with fire place, wine collection and a bar is fully equipped in wood found everywhere around the lake, and features some 100 seats.  The spacious open terrace overlooking the Vlasina Lake has been added recently and makes the Best Villa the most popular and favorite place for outstanding parties, fantastic and uniquely tasty meals or pleasant enjoyment with favorite drink. Very often it is the hot spot of the famous brass orchestras performances, that provides memorable impressions and pleasures to all visitors. This space is also easily turned into the meeting venue, due to its characteristics and modern design and equipment. In winter guests of the Best Villa enjoy sitting by the fire place in the spacious dinning room of the restaurant, after relaxing walks around the Vlasina Lake or sleigh rides through untouched nature and eco environment, or preparing traditional organic meals in the beautiful garden covering 1500 sq m around the villa, under supervision of the diligent owner. Food served at the Best Villa is extraordinary tasty, prepared only from fresh and organic supplies and meat of the best quality, that provide fantastic mouth-watering specialties of the East Serbia – famous rostilj /grilled meat, roasted lamb or slowly cooked beef/, freshly-caught fish, plenty of tasty fresh salads which usually include peppers of special flavors, traditional sweets, homemade bread and pastries…. Holidays and celebrations of New Year at the Best Villa on the Vlasina Lake are simply memorable !!!

Basketball and volleyball courts are located in proximity of the Best Villa on Vlasina Lake. Parking place is free and assured for the Villa guests, as well as laundry-cleaning services. The boat, bikes, canoes, kayaks and jeep are available for visitors looking for soft adventure or nature exploration in Vlasina area, while variety of challenges (off-road, mountain biking…) up to the Cemernik Mountain summits are arranged by hospitable and diligent hosts for guests’ entertainment and their outdoor activities. Eco and organic souvenirs /healthy natural honey, natural juices, slatko – jelly of wild strawberry and other forest fruits/ are locally produced and sold at the Best Villa.

Nearby “Valmiste” Hunting ground covers an area of 410 ha, situated on the outskirt of remarkable Vlasina plateau, on the beautiful Cemernik mountain, 1300-1500 meters above sea level. Valmiste Hunting ground covers an area east of Leskovac – Predejane highway. Deer and wild boars are intensively bred and hunted here, and there are excellent hunting grounds full of game and transportation service organized by professional guides and drivers. Hunting ground “Kacer-Zelenicje” covers an area of 3.420 ha and is also easily accessed from gorgeous Vlasina Lake. Doe and wild pigs can be hunted here followed by full-hunting service available by the hospitable locals /hunting guides, drivers, equipment…/

Activities : traditional culinary courses, picking up medicinal herbs and blueberries, mushrooms and forest products, photo safari, fishing, hunting, boat ride along the gorgeous Vlasina lake, outdoor organic meals on the Dugi Del Island and Stratorija, visit to the floating islands on Vlasina lake…

Places to see : Saint Nicholas Church, Palja Monastery, Vlasina lake atols, “Vrla 1” Hydro-electric plant, Mineral water Factory of “Rosa”, St.Ilija Church, Rid Peak, The Small Cemernik Mountain peak.