Vinum Winery Sremski Karlovci

Vinum Winery Sremski Karlovci

The nephrologist Milan Ubavić established in 2001 the Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci, right across the famous historical site of the Chapel of Peace, as he says generated by spite and love for wine. Doctor Ubavić decided do “pay back to his grandfather and to regain the sold estate to family possession in order to start his private business. However, instead of fertile lands of the Backa district, the new estates in Sremski Karlovci became more suitable for new plantation of vineyards, so he started wine production, at first point from hobby and love for wine and later all turned into serious business“. At start it was a winery which originated from the long family tradition of grape growing which produced small quantities of wine in old wine cellar for own home consumption. At present the fully refurbished old wine cellar of the sophisticated winery in Sremski Karlovci successfully works, making it one of the wine points for visitors on the tourist map of this wonderful tiny town of Fruska Gora Mountain and the Danube River area. The Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci is the real example of gradual and serious building of the wine story while gaining recognition on stable foundations.

Today is the Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci the Company which successfully applies scientific accomplishments, especially in selection of grape varieties, with the aim to achieve highest quality of wines. The Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci produces wine in completely different way than the large wine producers of Serbia, which implies restricted quantities of produced wines and selected grape harvesting. Besides, the Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci implement modern technological methods among which distinguish themselves automatic temperature control of alcoholic fermentation, application of selected yeasts and cold stabilization, i.e. multi days treatment of young wine by low temperature (around -4°C). This winery is primarily recognized by consumers in the market of Serbia for its white wines: Sauvignon Blanc and Italian Riesling – the Grašac grape variety. In course of time the style of the Vinum Winery has been advanced into white wines of extraordinary freshness, precise, sparkling and of clear grape variety characteristics and without high percentage of alcohol. Besides that, quality of wines is crucial, with excellent relation between costs and quality. Recently the thriving Rose Wine of the Vinum Winery appeared in the market, produced from the Franc grape variety which proved this central-European grape variety can equally compete with the French varieties which are most common in Serbia in production of rose wines.

The long-term cooperation with the Department of Viticulture of the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad distinguishes the Vinum Winery from the other wineries. The Vinum Winery buys high quality grape varieties from the production of the Institute of Viticulture and Oenology and applies recommendations of this institution in procession technology in accordance with grape variety and harvest, as well as production rules related to micro-climatic conditions until the time of the harvest.

In order to avoid different quality of its wines, the Vinum Winery planted 6,5 hectares of own grapes as the basis for production, with planned vineyard extension. This is how the Vinum Winery prepares for successful grape growing of the Italian Riesling, Sauvignon, Semillon, Yellow Muscat, Traminer and Hungarian grape variety of Irsai Olivér noted by its geographic and micro-climatic features. The Vinum Winery already uses smart watering system for nutrient gradients and the anti-hail protection, with completed reconstruction of the new wine cellar which fulfills all standards for high quality of wine production.

“Ever-since we developed from the hobby into the winery, we have seriously dedicated ourselves to modernization. Then from the barrow of our grandfather we took the road of persistence and high efforts, to become the wine cellar equipped with the most modern technology, constant temperature, controlled fermentation, application of the best quality yeasts, and cold stabilization, we are proud of”. Dr Ubavic

The Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci has two nicely appointed wine tasting rooms, of which one accommodates 12 visitors, and the other 40 visitors, along with the open terrace that provides visitors specially comfortable experience of pleasant wine tasting with finest paired food and wonderful panorama of Sremski Karlovci. Many modern businesses come from the cruel self interest, without long term vision and clear mission. This is not the business philosophy of the persistent owners of the Vinum Winery, given that they do not strive for quick and cheap success, as this winery was constructed for long period of years, bunch by bunch of grape and liter by liter of wine. Their aim is long lasting wine business with the quality seal and numerous prizes achieved on world specialized fairs. The future vision of the Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci includes production of some new wines, planned to be served in prestigious restaurants with savory and piquant dishes and desserts, as well as in homes along with tasty bites prepared by hands of diligent hosts. Owners of the Vinum Winery do not trust in „regular“days but consider every day as gift and blessing, to spend it the best way we can. Besides the honest and welcoming reception and lavish and original wine ambiance, the Vinum Winery in Sremski Karlovci provides its visitors the spirit of some different and noble times, well kept in favorite wines of the Grašac BeliWhite Grasac, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Mustra, Rose, Pinole, Frankovka, Pinot Noir, Bermet, and Bermut.