Vinogradi Nikolic Wine House Aleksandrovac

Vinogradi Nikolic Wine House Aleksandrovac

The Župa of Aleksandrovac is traditionally recognized and famous grape growing and wine region of Serbia. Geo-climatic conditions of the Župa region are extremely suitable for viticulture, and since time immemorial vineyards are predominantly located on the Zupa surrounding gentle slopes, turned to the southern sun, with well-airing. The Župa of Aleksandrovac is first time mentioned as the famous Medieval wine growing and viticulture area in the Studenica Monastery charter from the end of the 12th century, when the grand duke – zhupan Stefan Nemanja granted the viticulture Župa villages to the Studenica Monastery. The advantages of the pedological, geological and climatic conditions for the grape growing in Župa region was best declared in 1904 by the French consul Deco who named this area the “Serbian Champagne”. In the vineyards of the Župa wine region traditionally prevail the local sorts of Prokupac and Tamjanika grape varieties, while in new and young vineyards the sorts of Merlot and Caberne Sauvignon are found. Some seventy wine producers of the Zupa wine region are engaged in the successfully organized production of wines, that are sold in Serbia or exported.

The Wine-tourist complex of Nikolic Family is situated in the Zupa of Aleksandrovac – Central Serbia, on one of the most famous wine routes of Serbia, in the tiny beautiful village of Vitkovo, 3 km away from Aleksandrovac. The Wine-tourist complex and vineyards of the Nikolic Family is entirely surrounded with vineyards and the special traditional fence called “prošće” up to the horizons, and enjoys a vast and beautiful panorama of Kopaonik, Jastrebac and Goc Mountains and the fruitful Zupa /valley/ itself. The Wine-tourist complex and the Nikolic Family vineyards in Zupa wine region of Serbia features unique architectural harmony of old and new characteristics, natural materials, the new and modern face of the traditional Morava House style, and is widely known by special hospitality and good mood of its diligent hosts.

The beginnings of viticulture of the Wine-tourist complex and the vineyards of Nikolic Family date from 1882. During time and by respect of traditions of its ancestors /grand-grand father Jovan and grand father Vukasin/, and great dedication and love resulted in harmonic and smooth red and white wines, with full fruit flavors. Today the vineyards of the Nikolic Family spread on 9,5 hectares, white predominant grape sorts of Merlot, Franc, Prokupac, Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay and the table sorts of Cardinal, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat Italia and Victoria. New and young vineyards are planted in 2009, while the old vineyards of the widely reputed Prokupac enjoy special treatment and care. In the lower part of the vineyards there are two artificial lakes, that are used for irrigation, as well as 2 large water reservoirs that collect the rain, and greatly contribute to reduction in water consumption, and support the most precious resource of the present and the future. The yearly production of wines of the Nikolic Family vineyards reach 35-40.000 of liters of red, rose and white wines. The red wine is produced by coupage of Caberne Sauvignon, Merlot and Prokupac, the Rose wine comes from coupage of the Franc, Prokupac, Merlo and Zupljanka, while the white wines are produced by coupage of the Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay. The wine production is organized in the village of Vitkovo, where all the vineyards encircle the Wine-tourist complex, and include the sheep farm, a roe, two lakes and amenities that enable the successful wine tourism. Here at the Wine-tourist complex of the Nikolic Family it is possible to order the specially branded bottles of wines, with specified photo and text, which makes an interesting present to friends and colleagues, and a nice memory of the special events, celebrations, banquets and the memorable visit to the Nikolic Family Wineyards and the Wine-tourist complex in Zupa region. Especially interesting is the Zupa harvest season which lasts for three-four weeks at the end of August and beginning of September, when visitors can take part in the hard harvesting works, while enjoying in tasting several sorts of grapes -Cardinal, Muscat Hamburg, Victoria and Muscat Italy….

Stay and activities are available throughout the year at the Wine-tourist complex and vineyards of the Nikolic Family in Zupa wine region, as all amenities come with the aim of presentation the rich traditions of grape growing and wine production in the Zupa region, and also full enjoyment of visitors in wines and the finest food of this beautiful mountainous and wine region of Serbia. The wine tour of the vineyards – with possibility of taking part of visitors in daily routine and hard works in the vineyards – and wine tasting is organized by prior announcement and booking.

By its position in the middle of the Zupa vineyards, the Wine House with accommodation of the Nikolic Family Vineyards provides unique experiences and full enjoyment of visitors – wine lovers and all who respect wines. All amenities of the Wine-tourist complex and the vineyards of Nikolic Family /the wine cellar, the Wine House – tasting room for 30 visitors with wonderful ceramic stove and magic view on the vineyards, nicely appointed rooms and apartments, wine tasting room for 50 visitors with the uniquely centrally located well, the roasting room, kitchen where fantastic food comes from and accessory structures, have been built of natural materials /stone, wood, red traditional “cerpici” tiles, old German bricks with monograms/, and white-washed afterwards, making with the wooden beams and other massive wooden elements true Morava style of building and recognized traditions of the Zupa region. The furniture is made of the massive wood as well, and crafted by specially ordered woodcarvers, completely adjusted to the natural environment and surroundings of the beautiful Zupa wine region. Full accommodation capacity of the Vinogradi Nikolic Wine House make some 10 beds, that come in 2 comfortable nicely appointed apartments with modern bathrooms in one structure, of which one features beautiful terrace and a sauna, and 2 bedrooms in the Wine House, with modern bathrooms and a small kitchen. Spacious beds provide full comfort and relaxation after interesting experiences and enjoyment in every moment of the visit to the Wine-tourist complex and the vineyards of Nikolic Family in the Zupa wine region, that are quite close, but far away from civilization, stress and challenges o the modern era. One of activities that hosts gladly perform is 30 minutes of kolo folklore dance in the vineyards, which greatly contributes to the quality of stay and good health.

Besides its main purpose of enjoyment in wines, the Wine-tourist complex and the vineyards of Nikolic Family in the Zupa wine region make a very suitable destination and venue for a successful organization of various corporate events, parties, culinary and folklore competitions and other events of good mood. During their stay, visitors are warmly recommended to visit the Wine Museum in Aleksandrovac, whose exhibitions truly represent the rich viticulture traditions and wine heritage and customs of Zupa region, and also the nearby Medieval Monasteries of Drenca, Rudenica and Veluce.

Here is comment of the USA visitor Dennis who recently visited the Nikolic Winery: Nikolic Winery and Resort is located in Aleksandrovac, Serbia. An amazing man, Sasa Nikolic built this place out of nothing in just 9 years. The scenery is fantastic, and the food, spirits, and conversations were wonderful. If you ever come to Serbia, please stop by this place !