Vevčani Village – Vevcani Springs

The village of Vevcni or Vevčani village is located at a distance of 14 km from Struga town and Ohrid lake, at the foot of the gorgeous Jablanica mountain range. It is assumed by the researchers that the village of Vevčani was founded sometime from the end of the 6th century to the beginning of the 8th century. The Vevcani village was founded most probably by Berziti people, who had adopted Christianity at that time. The first settlement of Vevcani was originally set at the foot of the Jablanica mountain. The villages of Labuništa, Podgorci, Krstec, Jablanica and Vevčani in Drimkol area were the Serb-patriarchal villages with predominant Serb population of Old Serbia. Drimkol refers to the ethnic-geographic area in western part of North Macedonia, on the border with Albania. The name of Drimkol is of Turkish origin and was created from the name of the Drim River and the Turkish expression of kol which means small county or area. Drimkol area borders with the Crni Drim River on the west, with the Jablanica Mountain in the east, with the Ohrid Lake to the south and to the north with the Debar zhupa – county.  Drimkol is divided into the Debar Drimkol in the north and the Struga Drimkol which enters the Stuga valley.

The Vevcani village is home to well-preserved authentic architecture, 19 Churches, Monasteries and Chapels, eco environment. The central church of the Vevcani village however is dedicated to Saint Nicholas and dates back from 1876. A prominent Vevcani monastery is Sveti Spas which is situated at over 1300 meters above sea level, right above the Vevcani village. In the vicinity and within wonderful surroundings of the Vevčani village there are many wonderful glacial lakes and abundance of fresh waters. The highest and most prominent Vevcani glacial lake is “Lokva” which is situated at over 2000 meters above sea level on Jablanica Mountain. The famous Vevčani springs are some of the most famous springs to be found in Macedonia and the Balkans, but surely the most beautiful natural attraction of Macedonia. The Vevcani springs are located on the eastern slope of the Jablanica mountain range whose fragrant slopes run through the village of Vevčani at an approximately sea level altitude at over 900 meters. The largest Vevcani spring is located at the opening of one of the many caves in the region. Below the largest Vevcani spring are ten minor springs which all converge together. The most famous Vevcani spring is “Jankov Kamen” which is situated at 1200 meters above sea level. Another spring is “Mala Livada” from which the water has a unique flavor and color. It is situated at over 1600 meters above sea level. The highest Vevcani spring is “Golina” situated at over 2000 meters above sea level. The rate of water flow from the Vevcani springs is estimated to exceed the rate of 1500 liters per second, most notably in Spring. The hydro-logical site Vevchanski Izvori (Vevchani Springs) was proclaimed Natural Monument in 1999.

The total number of inhabitants in picturesque Vevčani village is around 2500. The Vevčani village has a local self government of its own. Vevcani village or Village of Vevcani, and Struga are easily accessible by bus, car and other modes of transport. The tourists can stay either in the hotels of Struga or in the authentic and nicely appointed private houses/pensions or highly comfortable boarding houses in Vevcani village that can accommodate mainly smaller tourists groups.

Thousands of tourists flock to the Vevcani village during the exciting Vevcani village Carnival that is organized on the 13th and 14th January celebrated as Saint Basil’s Day. The Vevcani Carnival dates back to the pagan times, that is almost 1300 years old. During the Vevcani Carnival different colorful events of the recent times are acted out by the villagers with a masks on their face, imitating devils, demons and other mythical characters while performing peculiar movements, gesticulations, and screams. Traditional music is played on zurlas /a traditional double-reed wood wind instrument/ and drums.
There are 8 traditional restaurants and boarding houses in Village Vevčani, Struga that provide relaxation, refreshment and delicious experiences to tourists. Pupina Kuka /the Birth-house of Mihajlo Pupin/ and Domakinska kuka and Kutmičevica and Via Egnatia Restaurants are popular Vevcani local restaurants serving traditional specialties and great Macedonian delights. In those restaurants visitors can experience the true lifestyle and customs in various workshops – live music, folklore – music performances of the highly talented and skilled local folklore club of Drimkol, self-cooking classes of preparation of traditional food with active participation of guests… The Vevčani village has its own official coat-of-arms and symbol which is a Magic cauldron with two clowns dancing over it. The Vevčani passport is also available here.