Veliki Grabovski rural tourism 137 Guca

Veliki Grabovski rural tourism 137 Guca accommodation

Traditional settlement in the village of Veliki Grabovski gains special attraction of nature lovers and all who enjoy invigorating fresh air and preserved traditional of the Serbian village thanks to its unique features in combination with visit to the famous Guca Brass Festival. Traditional settlement is located on the family property in the thick forest of Jelica Mountain in the village of Grab, some 10 km away from Guca center, and features outstanding panorama to the whole area rich in green forests and beauties of surrounding mountain peaks. Guests value the view from this place 1 million dollars ! In the central part of the rustic settlement there is traditional restaurant /kafana/ where you can relax while enjoying fascinating view. Restaurant and the whole place of the Veliki Grabovski complex is decorated with old staff and agricultural tools that were used by owners ancestors. The open air fire place is located just there and is used for roasting lamb or piglet or potato in traditional way.

Accommodation is provided in four wooden houses-chalets containing bed covered with authentic rugs with the amazing smell of basil and other medicinal herbs from vast meadows of Jelica Mountain, chair, table and the furnace that is used in winter. Unique experience is usage of showers with wooden barrows as traditional bathing dating from old times !!! Only traditional specialties are served here at the Veliki Grabovski rustic complex : corn bread, palenta, kaymak, cheese, eggs with nettles, gibanica prepared of cheese or spinach, bacon, smoked ham, beans, sarma /cabbage leaves or wine leaves rolled with meat/, various fresh salads, cabbage casserole… This traditional settlement in Guca is true oasis of peace, tranquility and pleasant moments and very suitable for stay because of its convenient proximity to Guca during the famous Guca Brass Festival or throughout the year.