Valbona Valley National Park

With an area of 8,000 hectares Valbona Valley National Park is the gem of Albanian Alps – Prokletije Mt – Accursed Mountains. Valbona is the name of the river which flows through the Valbona Valley and the village bearing the same name located in the Tropoja District of Northern Albania. The district of Valbona Valley, bordering Kosovo to the northeast, and Montenegro to the northwest, in combination with the adjacent Theth district to the west, encompasses a region called the Malësi in Albanian, which translates roughly as “The Highlands”.  Valbona River Valley is located 25-30 km to the north west of Bajram Curri town in Northern Albania and is adjacent to the Theth National Park.The name of Valbona derives from the Latin Vallis Bona, which is the Dobri Dol in Old-Serbian language.

Valbona Valley lies between the rugged and remote and breathtaking mountain peaks and makes a festival of colors and contrasts. Its biodiversity makes it very important as a tourist attraction. The Valbona River is crystal clear and is well known for its clean water, where visitors can swim, catch fishes and do canoeing and kayaking. The Valbona River flows throughout the Valbona Valley to the Drim River.

Valbona village is the focal point of the Valbona National Park. Its configuration, hydrology, forests, flowers, characteristic dwellings and the hospitality of its people, make this park an ideal place to visit and invigorate. The village of Valbona is secluded, with few lodging possibilities for travelers, no stores, post office, doctors, gas station…. Rocky and  dramatically steep high peaks, such as Jezerce, Iron, Kollata (Podi of Kollatës), and Pecmarrës attract hikers, adventurers and mountaineers from all over the world. Agricultural and livestock products or the Valbona Valley National Park and area are completely natural, and entirely organic. Food is generally fresh and home made, but it is also sometimes processed and canned by the inhabitants of the tiny and remote villages. Stunning nature, clean air, high and characteristic mountain peaks, lakes, numerous water resources, forests, mountains, flora and fauna of Valbona Valley National Park provide conditions for true eco tourism experiences. There are wonderful well-marked hiking trails that connect the whole area, providing hikers and nature lovers to explore places in Valbona Valley, but also in Plav Lake and Visitor Lake/Mt in Montenegro and further breathtaking trails ….