Una River and the Una National Park

Una River is located in the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and on its middle course flows through Republika Srpska making the boundary with Croatia. Una River source is situted close to the villages of Donja Suvaja and Donji Lapac, beneath the slopes of Plješevica and Stražbenica Mountains in Croatia, and it joins the Sava River by Jasenovac. Una River is 212 km long and considered probably the most beautiful river in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. Una River gots its name after Romans who considered it the most beautiful river in the whole Roman Empire. Over one hundred and seventy types of medicinal herbs grow along the banks of Una River. 28 kinds of fish make their home in the emerald waters of the Una River. In 2008 the Una National Park has been established on the area of 19800 hectares, which includes the canyon part of the upper course of the Una River upstread of Lohovo, the canyon part of the lower course of the Unac River from its confluence with Una upstread up to Drvarsko polje and the interspace between the Una and Unac rivers, and the Krka river. Una National Park is situated between the Pljesevica Mountain massif in the west, Grmec Mountain in the north-east and Osjecenica Mountain in the east. Una National Park is located in the westernmost part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the territory of Bihac Municipality, and the Una-Korana Plateau. The Una waterfalls at Martin Brod, along with the Unac River and its canyon, and the Una itself, are the main natural features of Una National Park.

Before its entrance to the first large canyon, Una River flows along the gorgeous 24 meters high Štrbački buk waterfalls, which together with the waterfalls in Martin Brod makes the most beautiful waterfall on this river of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well in this part of Europe. Štrbački Buk is a very strong waterfall on the Una river located between Bihać and Donji Lapac. Štrbački buk waterfall is actually formed by several waterfalls and cascades, surrounding one each other in the close proximity. Those natural waterfalls have been for decades attracting numerous nature lovers and fishermen, and also artists who found inspiration for their arts within the beautify of the Una River. The first large waterfall along the course of the Una River is situated by Martin Brod, settlement about 50 km away from the town of Bihać. /source touristmaker/

Uniquely beautiful natural attraction of the Japodski otoci – Japodia islands, are located close to Bihać in the Račić settlement. Una River created unreal beauty in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Japodski otoci – the islands of Japodia on Una River are special tourist attraction of Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the border with Croatia. Here the river islands are connected with wooden bridges and five of them make border area with the Una National Park, that can compete with beauty with many such attractions in the world. The Una River flow around those islands and create cascades and transform the river banks, while the bridges enable tourists to enjoy in their beauties. The Japodski otoci tourist center features parking, restaurant and pretty spacious camping site, which is favorite by numerous visitors from all over Europe. Every constructed part of the Japodski otoci tourist complex makes part of the natural environment, as everything is made of wood to support and enhance the harmony of nature. There are plans of construction of the ancient settlement which will be cultural-historical complex that made this area of Bosnia widely popular. TUI Magazin

Una, Unac and Krka are three pearls of the natural heritage of the Una National Park which make the harmony of unique natural rarities, diverse and well preserved natural landscapes and rich cultural and historical inheritance, that all provide exceptional conditions for various types of tourism. Parts of the Una and the Unac River form one of the largest fly fishing revirs of Europe, while the Una river itself is the paradize for fishermen who fish along techniques of dry fly and water ball and lures. The sometimes steep Una River corridors are not always conducive to navigating her beautiful waters yet one of the most frequent motifs of the Una River are the small boats with anglers and great number of kayaks. Una River has created a harmony with man, fish, birds, willows, bridges and old mills rarely seen today. International tourist kayak regata – Unska regata rafting contest which is well known throughout Europe is traditionally held on Una River by Martin Brod where the river makes numerous rapids. The Natura Art traditional settlement is located in the very beautiful part of the Una River flow, close to the waterfalls of “Dvoslap” and “Troslap”, and by its features well represent the real Bosnian traditions, where the hundred-years watermills are still in function. Here visitors find the old Bosnian houses and the black-smith shop with the old tools  that are used by locals for centuries in their rural households. Three rivers, gorgeous waterfalls, steep high river canyons, Medieval towers, forests and a number of various sport and outdoor activities and the intact nature and well-preserved heritage, make the most important attractions  for visitors of the Una National Park.