Two room apartment Sutorina Herceg Novi

Two room apartment Sutorina Herceg Novi

Sutorina is tiny maritime settlement of few hundred inhabitants within the gorgeous Boka kotorska Bay on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro which extends from Molunat in the west /Croatia/ to the town of Risan on the east of the Kotor Bay. Sutorina is a frontier Montenegrin area towards Croatia, with the Debeli Brijeg – Karasovici /Konfin – Vitaljina border crossings only few hundred meters from the last houses and facilities of this tiny settlement. Sutorina village is some 1,5 km away from the Igalo and Njivice beaches, 7-13 km away from Igalo/Herceg Novi, 43 km from Dubrovnik.

In the Middle Ages the settlement of Sutorina belonged to the Orthodox Parish of Dračevica, as in 1382 Bosnian king Tvrtko I Kotromanić established the city of Novi, today’s Herceg-Novi near Sutorina. Sutorina changed rulers during its long history – the Venetians, Ottomans, Austria-Hungarians, part of the Trebinje county within the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1921, of the Primorska Municipality of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Primorska Municipality was separated from the Trebinje County in 1936 and it was annexed to the Boka kotorska County with the first official data of the Sutorina within Montenegro borders date from 1947. In the past, numerous cartographers knew very well demarcation in the Bay of Kotor and regularly emphasized the Bosnian-Herzegovinian exit to the sea in Sutorina. Sutorina was mentioned in the Karlowitz Peace Treaty from 1699 when it was determined as the Bosnian pashalik within the Ottoman Empire, together with coastal Neum. This was confirmed in the Berlin Peace Treaty in 1878 which declared Sutorina as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So it remained in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and also within the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After the Second WW in 1947 the then authorities of the Socialist Federate Republic of Yugoslavia changed Sutorina area for the Lovista territory of the Sutjeska River basin when Sutorina became part of Montenegro. On the very entrance to Igalo seaside coastal town of the Herceg Novi Municipality there is still a border stone with inscribed plaque of “Ercegovina” in Latin and Cyrillic, testifying that the area of Sutorina with exit to the sea in Njivice belonges to Bosnia and Herzegovina. This narrow coastal land area was an integral part of many maps and today is still matter of some dispute between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The Sutorina area includes 7 inhabited villages with population of some 1600 inhabitants /Njivice, Kruševice, Prijevor, Ščepoševići, Solila, Vrbanja i Sitnica/, the mountainous area of Kruševice, and in the south the fertile Sutorina field – Sutorinsko polje, with the entrance area near Boka kotorska, and 7 km of coast along the Prevlaka strait and the delta of the Sutorina River which priory receives waters from several tributaries to supply the fertile field. The Sutorina River – often called the Sutorinska rijeka is 9 km long from its source up to the delta in the Adriatic sea in the Boka-Kotor Bay and makes the largest river of the Herceg Novi area. On the spot where the Sutorina River joins the Adriatic sea it creates the medical Peloid by the Posidonia oceanica seaweed which is found in the nearby meadows of the Topla Bay. At its delta the Sutorina River creates medical peloid mud that together with sea and thermal waters provide excellent natural factors that enable successful curative factors of the highly recognized Institute for Physical medicine and rehabilitation “Dr. Simo Milošević” in Igalo. The Sutorina River is renowned natural habitat of eels, the delta is zone of hatchery which deserves strict protection. Sutorina is dominated by peaks of Orjen and Bjelotin Mountains, fully forested with lush and fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, especially olives, lemons and oranges. The vast massif of Orjen Mountain covers over 400 sq km, of which the largest part above the Boka Kotor Bay belongs to Montenegro, the smaller northwestern part across Trebinje belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the peripheral southwestern strip of Konavle – the border area of Konavle and Bjelotin belongs to Croatia.

The comfortable two-room apartment in Sutorina is set in prefabricated structure-container of steel and concrete with spacious and large terrace featuring magic panorama covering the vast surface of its whole length at the very entrance. The Sutorina apartment is a bit isolated as it is located some 500 meters from the main road Herceg Novi – Dubrovnik, accessible by the tiny paved road and completely surrounded with garden full of greenery – olives, oranges and lemons and plenty of flowers and unbelievable quietness. It is very suitable for guests who want full privacy and quiet vacations.

The Sutorina apartment is some 300 sq meters in size /including the large terrace/ and contains a large and modern living room with laminate floors, extendable sofa bed, WiFi, satellite LCD TV, air conditioning, lovely dining space connected with spacious, modern and fully equipped kitchen – oven, refrigerator with freeze, a microwave, dishes, and cutlery. Spacious bathroom comes with shower cabin and washing machine. Bedroom is equipped with a king size bed and a wardrobe. The Sutorina apartment features air conditioning, private parking, barbecue place, free WiFi and modern and functional furniture, soft linen and towels and comfortable amenities. The main characteristic that provides great benefits for guests is enormous terrace with garden furniture which is the favorite place for enjoyment and relaxation during the day and especially in quiet evenings. This comfortable apartment in Sutorina is fantastic family holiday choice or special accommodation option for all who love perfect privacy during holidays that is kind of isolation.

The well-supplied Voli supermarket is few km away as well as numerous restaurants along the Igalo coast which serve tasty sea fish and meat specialties and pasta food. The true joy for hikers, mountaineers and nature lovers is hike to the Ilino Hill, featuring beautiful panorama of the Boka-Kotor Bay. Along the course of Molunat-Vodovađe-Grab-Zupci is the saddle of Jablan Do – Grab (839 m), close to the junction of three borders – Croatian /Dalmatian/ – Herzegovinian – Montenegrin. The old traffic road led along this natural pass where trading caravans traveled, with the Dubrovka point known as the border-trading fair. During their stay at the Sutorina apartments guests have variety activities awaiting them – swimming in numerous beaches of Igalo and Herceg Novi, nudist beach of Njivice, hiking trails to the Ilino brdo Hill, visit to the church of Sveti Stefan /Saint Stephen/ in Šćepoševići hamlet, the beautiful church of St Eliah in Zvinje hamlet at the very border with Croatia, excursion to the tiny Rose seaside village on the northwestern shore of the Lustica peninsula across Herceg Novi, mountain-bike rides along Orjen Mountain, fishing, making grill …and simply enjoying tranquility of this beautiful part of the Montenegrin Adriatic coast.