Trudelj Villa Milica rural tourism 013 Gornji Milanovac

Trudelj Villa Milica rural tourism 013 Gornji Milanovac

Trudelj village is small typical village of the tranquil Šumadija region of Central Serbia, in vicinity of Belanovica village, some 100 km south of Belgrade. The Trudelj village is situated between Rudnik, Rajac and Povlen mountains, easily accessible by the new Milos Veliki highway. Trudelj village features moderate continental climate and average precipitation of 700 – 900 ml, on the territory of Gornji Milanovac Municipality, between towns of Arandjelovac, Gornji Milanovac and Ljig. The fauna of Trudelj village and Belanovica area in Sumadija region is rich in beech, lime, oak and acacia forests with scattered villages, in the environment full of wild game /rabbit, pheasant, fox and roe-deer/. The Belanovica village and its gentle rolling hilly surrounding is predominantly agricultural area with extensive cattle farming and fruit production. The main agricultural products grown and traditionally produced here are meat, milk, fruits and homemade plum brandy-rakija – the natural fruit brandy and the exclusive quality spirit.

On the spot where the most magnificent view spreads all over the untouched natural ambiance and to the orchards rich in plums and cherries, there is Family run rural comfortable rural tourist household of Villa Milica welcoming guests in their facility, named after the owner, Mrs Milica – Villa Milica. The house of the Serbian architecture has been build in Morava style in eighties of the 20th century, and features authentic amenities that make pleasant stay both in terms of the modern and traditional way to visitors of various profiles. The accommodation capacity of the Villa Milica in Trudelj village is 18 beds in 9 double rooms (6 bedrooms with private facilities, 3 rooms with shared usage of bathroom) which is suitable for family vacations or familiar companies stay. Rooms of the Milica Villa in Sumadija region are equipped with wooden furniture, central heating, SAT TV and the Internet.

The large open air swimming open pool with lazy chairs /12m x 6m, depth 1,65 meters/, billiard and table tennis, bar and an outdoor barbecue is the most favorite place of gathering visitors and hosts in summer season. The large plum orchard and the tiny “hunting lodge” – with 2 floors, own kitchenette, toilet and a fire place are of particular interest for hedonist visitors who enjoy the privacy and specialties of traditional cuisine in truly relaxed atmosphere they prepare themselves.

During their stay at the Villa Milica guests enjoy in beneficial natural ambiance, swimming in the open pool, genuine hospitality and simplicity of their hosts and delicious traditional food prepared of ingredients from own production by skilled and experienced Milica. If they like, guests may assist the owner Milutin in making homemade plum brandy – rakija and other agricultural daily routine.

Activities: hiking, nature exploration, swimming in the pool, picking up fruits, medicinal herbs and mushrooms, mowing, making hay stocks, bird-watching, cycling, as well as relaxing and joyous sledging along the steep orchard lane in winter, when the entire area is covered by snow and makes true winter idyll.