Trsic rural tourism – Konak Misic Rural Household 086

Trsic rural tourism – Rural Household 086

Tršić rural tourism – PANACOMP rural property for rent Konak Misic Trsic 086

Within the cultural Complex under Government protection and care preserving “Vuk Karadzic birth-house” in lovely Trsic village in West Serbia /some 150 km southwest of Belgrade/, there is household extremely rich in traditional atmosphere and comfort, successfully combining a touch of art to warmly welcomes guests. It was 200 years ago when Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the most famous Serbian literate, transformed the Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet into the common alphabet AZBUKA, implementing the main issue “write as you speak – read as it is written“, that is still in use today in Serbia. However today the tiny road leads from the spacious parking in Trsic to this comfortable rural household of Konak Misic which simultaneously shows where you arrived – in the educational spot fully marked with the most impressive Serbian genius sentences and wise proverbs dating back for centuries, nowadays carved on the wooden signs. You should try to remember and implement one of the Serbian proverbs, at least !

Everyone is amazed with the beautifully green landscape and surroundings of this Trsic rustic household when slowly walk in, while reading and remembering the minded thoughts and getting to beautiful wooden house painted in white. There is gorgeous family in Trsic household smiling at you, welcoming you, offering the genuine plum brandy and home-made honey with fresh spring water. The full accommodation capacity of the Trsic tourist rural household is 24 beds in two structures within this unique eco-traditional environment and rustic tourist complex – 5 pleasant traditionally decorated and nicely appointed rooms with all facilities /bathrooms, Internet, sat TV, fire-place, coffee-shop/ in the main house and another 4 beds in the “storage” wooden cottage turned into highly comfortable accommodation facility with bathroom, next to the main house. Along the beautiful green garden full of flowers and greenery, just behind the main house is the another uniquely arranged wooden cottage – vajat /chalet/ with 5 beds in the basement and the first floor, small kitchen, sitting veranda and the place for grill.

The entire rustic and artistically sophisticated and elegant Konak Misic complex in Trsic is covered with lots of trees, fragrant flowers and fresh grass. Guests staying in this unique rural tourist household in Trsic village have at their disposal all amenities they need for a relaxed and invigorating vacations : Internet, Satellite TV, cafe with large choice of natural and homemade drinks, fire place in the central house, small movable swimming pool in summer…. The owner Predrag and his beautiful mother /and Predrag’s Dutch wife Gitta Elsenburg Misic/ pay attention to the slightest detail of their property and are always happy to spread their positive energy and wide smiles coming deep from their souls to every visitor’s sight, turning the first encounter into memorable holiday experience. So the entire vacation or retreat in Trsic by the Misic Family go the same pleasant way : enjoying the irresistible homemade food prepared by diligent hosts in traditional style – corn bread, cheese, kaymak, roasted lamb or piglet, sarma, various salads…, walking through the fragrant meadows and forests surrounding the complex and the Vuk Karadzic birth house – The Museum of letters and language within the cultural complex and the household itself, cycling along well-marked trails, relaxing in the nearby church-yard of the Saint Archangels Church full of tranquility and spirituality, making tents and orienteering in nature, story-telling around the camp fire, assisting the hosts in every-day rural works or Pedja’s /Predrag’s nick name/ artistic-sculptor and woodcarving workshops, fishing, picking up medicinal herbs and forest products, eco workshops or recycling and organic food classes, learning Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet in the nearby “old school”….This uniquely pleasant rural tourist household in Trsic is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside.

The Misic Konak in Trsic has been traditionally hosting our famous folklore and artisic and eco-adventure summer schools, which constantly gather groups of students whom we organize various exciting folklore classes and amazing activities providing them to discover natural environment and making them learn Serbian folklore dances and well-preserved traditions of Serbia, we are very proud of. Konak Misic rural tourist household, run by the Misic Family in Trsic is situated 200 km southwest of Belgrade and 80 km from Valjevo by good paved roads. Guests simply can not decide which period of year is best for their holidays, because every season spent in Trsic has its benefits and advantages….

Nearby places of interest : Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic birth-house Complex, Tronosa Monastery….