Tronoski vajati traditional settlement Tronosa

Tronoski vajati traditional settlement Tronosa

Traditional settlement of “Tronoški vajati” is located close to the town of Loznica, only 400 meters away from the Tronoša Medieval Serbian Orthodox Monastery. The “Tronoški vajati” Traditional settlement was founded with aim to keep in memory and convey to young generations various beauties and heritage treasures which have been in past centuries created and well-preserved and kept by the Serbs, retaining carefully traces which testify about activities and achievements of man through time, since the cultural inheritance is one of the most important non-renewable resources. Great attention has been paid to preservation of spiritual and intangible cultural heritage in the Tronoski vajati Traditional settlement by reconstruction of traditional customs and arts and revitalization of the old crafts. Visitors truly enjoy in taking part in those well-preserved customs.

Traditional settlement of Tronoški vajati contains structures and contents of the Jadar traditional building style which exclusively followed authentic patterns and features : Accommodation outbuilding – cottages, Restaurant, Gallery, Weaving workshop, Crafts workshop, Water mill, Bakery, Smoke-house, Store and Souvenir shop. Accommodation capacity of the Tronoški vajati come with an apartment, 2 triple rooms and a four-bed room. Intact nature, mild climate, fresh air and numerous non-polluted rivers and streams, along with interesting cultural activities to take part fulfill expectations and wishes of both visitors from Serbia and abroad. In the Tronoski vajati complex only traditional food slowly cooked in ceramics are served, as well as homemade juices and sweets prepared according the grandmothers and monastic recipes.

During stay in the Tronoški vajati traditional settlement there are various options for walks and recreation, picking up herbs, mushrooms and forest products, and also for enjoyment in finest traditional dishes, which best go together with natural juice or homemade rakija.

The Medieval Tronoša Monastery and its beautiful fountain dedicated to Nine Yugovics is situated only few hundred meters away from the Tronoski vajati complex. In close proximity is Tršić (5km) – birthplace of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić with the ethnographic park, the Vuk Museum and the Birth house of this significant reformer of the Serbian language. Tronoša Monastery and Tršić are connected by eco trail which is 4500 meters long. “Tronoški vajati” traditional complex is 130 km away from Belgrade, 137 km from Novi Sad, 16 km from Loznica and 20 km away from the Banja Kovilljača Spa.