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The range of touring and carefully planned and offered services within more than 350 routes-itineraries-proposals of tour packages in Serbia and the Balkans provide our clients-customers with various localities and sites to be discovered smoothly and inclusive of all abilities, along plenty of time to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine… or other favorite drink. You simply “click” on the preferred Balkan country or attraction or choice of combined – regional tour packages and you are presented with the included destinations and services to be delivered.


PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC SERBIA is seriously and sincerely dedicated to customers’ preferences, demands and satisfaction as intermediate local provider in cooperation with foreign partners-tour operators. In our hand-crafted tours to Serbia and the Balkans priority is given to feed customers’ appetite for travel and fulfill their expectations and provide extraordinary experiences. We LOVE clients interested in history, culture and archaeology and simply can’t wait to welcome such audience and show them our rich heritage !!! Panacomp Wonderland Travel tours encompass a range of niches, including uniquely experiential one day tours, multi day tours in Serbia and multi-country tours in the Balkans, adventure and nature-based travel, eco- and agri- tourism, cultural and heritage travel in Serbia and the Balkans, including the touristic-cultural-archaeological-nature explorations, and constant meeting the locals and their well-preserved customs, managed on the inquisitive customers satisfaction and our own.

However, before traveling, always confirm conditions in the countries you will be traveling to with your country’s officials!

Majority of our educational study tours attract youth groups of young people, focusing on developing leadership and teamwork skills, building self-confidence and facilitating young people to re-evaluate some of their beliefs, attitudes and assumptions, particularly around different cultures and their own priorities in life. Our tours provide not only new experiences for visitors, by superior personal contact with guides and their recommendations for senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch, but also enable understanding and transformation – awareness raising and responsible consumption of nature and culture sites. No regional development is sustainable if it does not take into consideration the cultural aspects that constitute the common identity of the people and if it does not protect the common cultural heritage to benefit the future generations.

As responsible, reliable and trusted Serbia and the Balkans Travel Destination Specialist we are committed to doing what is right and honorable, and boost overall competitiveness, focused on creating more caring civil society through empathy. We strive to simultaneous protection, safeguard and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage, constantly lobbying for young generations, and maximize social and economic benefits for the local community. We find that successful tour requires dynamic accuracy and extensive knowledge and professional experience which is the way we operate and constantly monitor services we deliver, convinced that strong enterprises make a strong Serbia.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia is proud to offer to the international market and our wonderful partners more than 350 enriching round trips as fully escorted cultural tour-packages in Serbia and the flavorful Balkans, that usually spirit clients away to past times, segmented by thematic category, type of client and activity contents. PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL fascinating tours simultaneously enhance cultural heritage and maximize social and economic benefits for the local community, insuring that we fulfill demands, wishes, needs and expectations of our customers. Our unique cultural tours in Serbia and the Balkans are guided by professional travel guides and special travel experts and renowned advisers and scholars – historians, art historians and archaeologists, while some groups, that are keen to explore Serbian Medieval Monasteries in the special spiritual pilgrimage way – are guided by theologians and Serbian Orthodox monks. Our knowleagable guides/storytellers in the Balkans are qualified people who can tell the story of the region in their own unique way and would like to share the stories with others.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel LCC Serbia constantly designs and delivers a number of diverse tours and thematic expeditions, with no hidden charges and costs. For example, about the ice ages, prehistory, nature, artists, the farming life and local lifestyle, and the themes of local traces of conflict, folk culture, performance tours throughout the Balkan region for choirs and orchestras, belief and unbelief of Serbia and the Balkans. It’s up to you to decide what destination and tour style best match your wishes. Group size ranges from between 6 to 25-30 participants, sometimes up to 1500-2000 participants /on congresses and conventions/, depending on the tour theme, type and capacities of transportation and accommodation used and activities included. We sometimes have groups that are smaller than 6 people, and operate them as the customized – tailored private individual tours, by providing the customers with a choice to design their itineraries as per their preferences.  Although the average group size is 12 to 30 people including a tour leader, your requests for tailor made individual programs are highly welcome. Published package prices are subject to change due to numerous factors, as the pandemic which caused services inflation in general, but also seasonality, so before booking please check the package price you want to book.


It is strongly recommended for the participants to check in due time the applicable visa requirements (according to their passport type) and make the arrangements for obtaining the visas as-if necessary. Depending on the travel route, participants should check visa requirements for their final destination and for any transfer point along their outward and inward travel route, and seek to obtain visas as-if needed.

We pay special attention to respecting all laws, especially the Law on tourism of Republic of Serbia, which regulates the guiding services. As per Law on tourism of Republic of Serbia, clause 3, item 20, Official Gazette No 36/2009, 88/2010, 99/2011 – other laws, 93/2012, 84/2015 i 83/2018. – other laws’, it is prescribed that a tourist guide is an individual who provides services of guiding, showing and professional explanation of natural, cultural, historical, archaeological, ethnographic, economic and other sites and attractions. By the Clause 94. of the same Law on tourism, besides other it is prescribed that tourist guide and tourist escort must have passed the professional exam for tourist guide and tourist escort, in accordance with this law.

Tourist guide and tourist escort must  :

  1. possess citizenship of Republic of Serbia
  2. speak the Serbian language
  3. possess at least the 4 years middle-class school education
  4. actively know one foreign language

Person who has passed the professional exam for tourist guide may conduct jobs for tourist escort.  A tourist guide and tourist escort is also regarded by this Law a citizen of EU member country and citizen of European economic area, who fulfills conditions for tourist guide and tourist escort prescribed by the Law on tourism. While providing services, a tourist guide and tourist escort must possess by him-her self valid license, which needs to be handled in the way it is prescribed.

Professional exam for tourist guide and tourist escort is performed in front of commission created by the Minister of Tourism. The Ministry issues the certificate on passed professional exam for tourist guide, and tourist escort, as well as the license. Also, the Clause 128. subpart 1, item 9 of the same Law on tourism, prescribes that  an individual shall be punished with a fine from 50.000 to 150,000 dinars for law violation if she-he provides services of guidance, loco guidance of tourist guide and tourist escort without a passed exam for a tourist guide-escort.

Mentioned regulations refer to local and foreign citizens, but it is stated that behavior of foreign citizens in the business area, i. e. providing tourist guiding services, is against the legal regulations which are regulated by a Law on foreigners /’Official Gazette’ no 24/2018/, as well as Law on hiring foreigner citizens /’Official Gazette’ number 128/2014, 113/2017 and 50/2018/, which come into monitoring of the Ministry of Internal affairs and Ministry of Foreign affairs, and respectively the Working Inspectorate of Republic of Serbia.


PANACOMP cultural tours are OUTSTANDINGLY rich and carefully planned by our dedicated team of talented and knowledgeable, on-the-ground professionals as unique escorted hands-on workshop Serbian heritage trails focused on the local culture, art, architecture, music, well-preserved customs /wedding.../, myths and legends, uniquely hospitable people of Serbia and the Balkans, original food and wine and much more memorable excitements you can experience only in the Balkan region : handcraft workshops, original lifestyle, Cyrillic calligraphic and icon-painting workshops – the traditional Byzantine way of making icons which includes artistic, but also a spiritual side of iconography, “Vojvodina Evening”, Medieval Knight games, organic food and delicious homemade products tasting, visit to archaic places and sights of preserved architecture, private Wine and Rakija tasting, local events and festivals, stay in rural households with traditional way of life, “gold-mining”, sheep shearing, Serbian Slava celebration – Saint Patron’s Day, Serbian Wedding Ceremony.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC Serbia experienced staff professionally manage regular escorted group tour packages in Serbia and the Balkans /one day, two-days and several days arrangements, and especially imaginative and challenging Balkan tours-multi country Balkan tour packages/ and arrange tailored programs /upon special request/ to Serbia and the Balkans. When necessary, we will send you information on the physical requirements for your trip. Our devoted team is here to help you building your package and can design free tailor made itineraries for your group requests /from 6 people/. Our rich photo archive contains 20000 photos of landmarks and attractions included in our Serbian and the Balkans tours, but also of hotels, rural households and other partners we contract. High-resolution images are available in jpegs via email upon your request. Don’t hesitate and contact us !!!!

We inform you that our web page that until recently had included over 5000 single pages, will not be adorned with so plentiful number of published photos as earlier. With the achieved aim to gain market positioning, besides published tours, site descriptions and other products and offers to increase demand of visitors, our posts had contained descriptions and plenty of photos of numerous attractions, landmarks, monuments and numerous suppliers in Serbia and the region we closely, proudly and successfully cooperate with. Change was caused by misunderstanding and intolerable relationship of some authors of photos with whom we have not succeeded understanding and respect for aims and results we gain in tourism and congress businesses, so we were forced to use another way of promotion – without photos. Long live awareness, honesty and common sense !


PanaComp Wonderland

To book your place on the specific tour in Serbia and the Balkans that best suits your interest, please read our General conditions and simply send us an email with your name/names and departure date or fill in our Booking Registration Form. On receipt of your inquiry-enrollment we send our pre-invoice for deposit corresponding to 30 % of total costs of your arrangement. Reservations may be made by telephone but your booking is assured when deposit is received by our office. PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC Serbia accepts bank transfer for payments because credit card secure online payment is not developed in Serbia. Final payment is due 30 days prior to departure to our bank account. On receipt of the final payment, detail travel instructions are sent to reach you in time, latest about a week prior to your departure.

After booking, when you want to transfer your payment, please ask for the full Panacomp Wonderland Travel payment instructions. When giving order to your bank make sure you have indicated all payment details of correspondent banks that will save you money and avoid high bank transaction costs.

SINGLE ROOMS are sometimes available in limited numbers at the supplement noted. Participants traveling alone will be matched with other group members of the same sex. Participants who are making their own air arrangements to Serbia are responsible for their own transfers to/from the Belgrade Airport in Serbia. Please advice if you want us to arrange your transfers and other tourist services, with your flight schedule.

Please remember that PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC SERBIA will never ask you to send us information such as passwords or bank account or credit card details in an email, as such personal information are considered high risk, involve large scale processing or include special category/criminal conviction data. Although Serbia is not member of the EU we are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process, and to provide a compliant and consistent approach to data protection, ensuring that all individuals whose personal information we process have been informed of why we need it, how it is used, what their rights are, who the information is disclosed to and what safeguarding measures are in place to protect their information.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC SERBIA does its best to assure clients capture the essence of the spectacular cultural heritage and the authentic lifestyle of inhabitants of Serbia and the Balkans. We’d be grateful if you would review us !

Meet true Serbia and the Balkans discovering their outstanding Cultural Heritage !


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