Toplicki vinogradi Winery Prokuplje

Toplicki vinogradi Winery Prokuplje

The Toplicki vinogradi Winery is fully surrounded with vineyards, set at the outskirts of the wine-growing village of Gojinovac, near Prokuplje, in the valley of the Toplica River, in the Toplica region, bordered on the west by slopes of the Kopaonik Mountain/National Park, and in the north with Jastrebac Mountain. High quality wines are  produced since 2011  in the Toplicki vinogradi Winery, in the historically famous wine region whose fame comes from the high quality of vine. In 2007 started planting of vineyards in the old previous soil which regained almost lost tradition of wine-growing, due to export embargo of the former Yugoslavia.

The most crucial significance for the quality of wines in the Toplicki vinogradi Winery comes from the fact that grapes keep its structure on its way from the field to the bottle, so the production process is fully adjusted to the course grape juice caused by natural gravitation power. At present there are 26 hectares planted by Prokupac grape variety which is the autochtonous variety of grapes of south Serbia. Besides the Prokupac variety, there are other sorts grown in the Toplički vinogradi vineyards, as the Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, while it is planned to plant new vineyards with Prokupac on the surface of 40 hectares in the next 2 years. Excellent geographical position and climate, a perfect combination of tradition and contemporary values are some of guarantees that Toplicki vinogradi Winery is the place where excellent wine is produced.

The Prokupac Epigenia wine of the Toplički vinogradi Winery features intense red color with purple tones. The prime aroma dominates on the tertiar aroma of this wine. Well combined aroma of the red and black fruits – blueberries, raspberries and grapes are harmonized with smells of the barrels and the black pepper, cinnamon. In mouth it produces elegant structure, moderate stability with matured velvety tannine. Beautiful slight acidity and fine finish with moderate stability of the Prokupac Epigenia Wine of the Toplicki vinogradi Winery makes this polyvalent wine ideal to be consumed with meat and fish. The Chardonnay wine of the Toplički vinogradi Winery is produced of extraordinary fruits and features yellow color with green tones. The nose if full with aroma of the tropical and white fruits of banana, pineapple, pear and Mellon, but with the typical spirit of Chardonnay in the background. In mouth it provides intense and full flavor, fresh citrus acidity and very long stability. The refined flavor of licorice and gentle spices make the Chardonnay wine excellent as the wine aperitif.  Cabernet Sauvignon of the Toplički vinogradi Winery features intense red color and beautiful smell of combination of red fruits, green pepper, herbs and toast. It is perfectly structured in mouth, with very matured tannin, balanced acidity and flavor of roast, that comes from the wooden barrel, making this wine perfect with red meat dish. The Merlot Tribus Villa Wine of the Toplicki vinogradi Winery features intense bright red color with some purple tones. In nose there are flavors of red and fresh black fruits – plums, blueberries and grape, some flowery aroma  (violet), and some plants, that all are adjusted to the old aroma of spice and roast. The Merlot wine is very compact in mouth, with full and spiced tannin, and abundance of flavors – licorice and matured fruits which are strong and long-term. The Pinot Noir wine of the Prokupac wine-growing region of the Toplički vinogradi Winery makes nose full of aroma of matured  black fruits –plum,  licorice, with little spice of black pepper, vanilla and toast. In mouth it provides gentle and spiced tannin with flavor of licorice, an easy structure and moderate stability.

Wines of the “Toplički Vinogradi” Winery can be found in the main winery in the Gojinovac village, but also are exported worldwide. Visitors and wine lovers are offered tasting of excellent wines on the spot in the winery in Prokuplje, along with short introduction of the history of the estate, walk along the property and vineyards, discussion on grape growing and wine production. Nicely appointed Epigenia Restaurant with beautiful garden in the center of Belgrade offers guests excellent choice of the finest food, that best go with excellent wines of the Prokupac wine region and the Toplički vinogradi Winery.