Top 30 handpicked and hassle-free weekends Serbia

Top 30 handpicked and hassle-free weekends Serbia




TOP 30 HANDPICKED AND HASSLE-FREE WEEKENDS IN SERBIA – 2 days and 3 days weekend packages in Serbian countryside

Rural accommodation of Serbia or countryside tourism in Serbia is becoming increasingly popular not only for the short weekend trips in Serbia, but also for longer holidays as true retreats in intact nature far away from the buzzing life of today. We are proud that we put our hearts back into villages, providing our customers opportunity to experience the local pastoral traditions of Serbia which evoke the sense of particular times and reflect old flavors and tastes.


whose superior travel business experience span decades, professional philosophies match in harmony, that are recognized for highly professional and friendly staff with great knowledge on unique eco rural destinations that form so unrivaled weekend package tours. This offer is even more valuable since it involves nonemployed best graduate students of the Tourism Faculties in Serbia, members of the Youth for Tourism-Mladi za turizam http:// whom we have given chance to participate in educational and social mission towards children, teenagers and farmers and assist in local touring, communication between guests and farmers-hosts of the rural households, as sources of education, of pleasure, of discovery the well-preserved culture and tradition of Serbia, since they usually come from rural destinations included in this project, simultaneously promoting the majestic Serbia’s environment, rustic food and wellbeing of both guests and hosts.

We understand how valuable your holiday time is and therefore, we do our best to provide our clients the best personal service possible and take great satisfaction from making our clients happy, by organising memorable holidays. TOP 30 HANDPICKED AND HASSLE-FREE WEEKEND PACKAGES IN SERBIA are exclusively organized in authentic households of Serbia whose hosts are exceptionally hospitable and cherish the customs of the old Serbian tradition and colorful folklore. Accommodation is chosen on unique positive experiences of our clients and is usually organized in remote rural households and picturesque hamlets of Serbia, counting sometimes only 50 to several hundreds inhabitants. Spectacular scenery of Serbia offers everything from a peaceful farmstead by the side of gorgeous lake and/or lush forest where you are left in peace to the inspiring countryside living, sports activities and the chance to get excited with the locals and the rich Serbian culture, so to experience rebirth of your creative energy. Plenty of superb homemade food and excellent options for discovering natural challenges are available to guests visiting Serbian villages, that provide tranquility and seclusion, as well as exploration of a number of cultural attractions and activities.

We can’t stress enough how crucial professional guide service and reliable transportation are for understanding and exploring the true Serbia. TOP 30 HANDPICKED AND HASSLEFREE WEEKEND PACKAGES in Serbian countryside offer you great peace of mind, knowing there is going to be a friendly guide/local host taking care of you and showing you around, in order make you efficiently understand and enjoy the most delightful and invigorating secrets of Serbia.

TOP 30 HANDPICKED AND HASSLE-FREE WEEKEND PACKAGES IN SERBIA are committed to the most attention to our clients, especially to their youngest, so that they can enjoy the weekend holidays to the full. We save you time, sharing our knowledge of the best places to stay, explore and visit, conducted by our specially chosen drivers=guides who drive luxurious air-conditioned cars, 6-seater and 8-seater vans, 16-seater mini-coaches and provide additional local information, touch of history and lots of interesting stories and traditional joys, to enable you get the best experience of your amazing weekend holidays. Transportation and guidance is conducted by our friendly and praiseworthy staff – Ivanka, Tanja, Miroslav, Zlatan, Boško, Dimitrije, Ivana, Nemanja, Dejan, Miljan, Milan, Marko… and assisted by members of Youth for Tourism Association and representatives of local stakeholders. If you have any special needs/questions or need an advice please contact our expert travel team on booking.

We take great pride in excellent relationships with our rural accommodation suppliers/ lodging partners and their comfortable, perfectly clean but limited facilities /up to 10 comfortable traditionally furnished rooms/, thanks to their uniqueness and authenticity which best represent the “forgotten face of Serbia” at first hand, since guests and their hosts come close by authentic experiences and numerous activities they accomplish together – Serbian Slava celebration, Serbian Wedding Party, picking up fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, feeding domestic animals, mowing, donkey and horse race, sheep sheering, quad ride, mountain biking, tractor race, culinary courses, making bread and Serbian gibanica traditional way, making hay-stocks, folklore workshops, old crafts and handwork workshops, discovering rich cultural heritage. …

Accommodation in Rural households/complexes is chosen for its excellent location in remote eco places of Serbia, full of tranquility, authenticity, rustic charm, nearby natural and cultural attractions, unbeatable hospitality and warmth of rural households owners-hosts and quality of service with facilities. You can find detailed description with photos on our websites and are welcome to ask for all information and photos you might need. Packages in Serbian countryside include minimum of 4 participants needed for operation of tours, transportation by A/C vehicles, comfortable, traditionally furnished double-triple rooms with facilities, with 1 or 2 full-board or half-board, various traditional activities and fun, big farewell picnic/rustic lunch, guidance/assistance/local hosting, usual childern /up to 10 years age/ commission – 30 % if they share bed and have their own food and 50% commission if they share bed and food : and finest Serbian traditional homemade food and amazing activities and joys awaiting you…..


– 1. Salas Farm 137 Cenej or Brkin Salash Farm Cenej + Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci, inclusive wine tasting
– 2. Vinarija Kovacevic Irig + Perko’s Farm rustic lunch and Hopovo Monastery
– 3. MB Oaza Glozan village + Backi Petrovac rustic lunch and Galleries, folklore
– 4. Somin Lagum Sremski Karlovci + Fruska Gora Monasteries, wine tasting
– 5. Vila Rafaelo/Jezero Bela Crkva Lakes + Deliblato Sands + Karas Eco Zone
– 6. Dida Hornjak Salas Farm Sombor + Konjovic Gallery
– 7. Vila Dincic Silver Lake + Lepenski Vir and Viminacium Archaeological sites
– 8. Tri Hrasta Klaticevo village + Takovo Monument + culinary courses
– 9. Jelen Salas-Farm/Djordjevic Salash-Farm Palic Lake + hay manufacture dolls workshop + culinary courses + Palic Lake picnic
– 10. Brestovi Vizija cottages Arandjelovac + Oplenac Royal Mausoleum + wine tasting

– 11. Lazarevi Konaci Kacer village + Zlatibor smoke houses
– 12. Vilovi Rural Household + Zlatibor smoke houses + picnic lunch + Uvac Nature Reserve
– 13. Konak Misic Trsic + Vuk Karadzic Birthouse Tršić and Tronosa Monastery
– 14. Suncana Reka Banja Koviljaca Spa + Tronosa Monastery – Cokesina Monastery
– 15. Vila Babin zub Balta Berilovac village + Stara Planina Nature Park/Babin Zub peak climb + folklore=shepherd games and folklore performance
– 16. Vila Bogdanovic Kalna village + Stara Planina Nature Park/Babin Zub climb + folklore-shepherd games and folklore performance
– 17. Vila Albedo Varna village near Sabac + Painting/Culinary Classes
– 18. Vila Ravijojla Arilje + St Achilles Church Arilje + Raspberry Party
– 19. Terzica avlija Ethno Park Zlakusa village + handmade pottery + folklore classes + Potpec Pecina Cave + Dreznicka gradina climb
– 20. Staro Selo Sirogojno chalets + Zlatibor smoke houses + Old crafts/Handwork
– 21. Ruza Ivanovic Rural complex Kremna village + Mecavnik Wooden Town + Visegrad Old Bridge and Andric Museum + Culinary/Handwork classes
– 22. Drcelic Rural complex Tatinac village + Kadinjaca Memorial and Uzice National Museum + Tito Performance
– 23. Pantovic Rural complex Kosjeric village + picnic on the waterfalls + culinary courses
– 24. Divcibarski zamak Divcibare + quad ride + picnic lunch
– 25. Farma Kolibe Vlasko Polje village + jeep/quad ride + Tupiznica Mt climb
– 26. Ivanjicki Konaci Rural Complex + Ticar Lake and Golija Mt climb
– 27. Golijski Dar Dajici village/Studenica-Golija Biosphere Reserve + picnic lunch
– 28. Vila Selena Rudno village + Studenica and Gradac Monasteries + picnic lunch
– 29. Vila Melodija Grabovica village + Glass handpainting/culinary classes/gardening
– 30.Melovic Dragan rural household Rozanstvo village + Zlatibor smoke houses + Stopica pecina cave

BOOKING AND INFORMATION /availability, dates of weekend tours, room structure, children commission and pricing-conditions to be defined instantly upon request and by booking confirmation/:

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