Thomorri Mountain – National Park

With an area of 4,000 hectares, the Tomorri Park is located to the east of the museum city of Berat, from which citadel it can be admired, as from afar, the mountain of Tomorr peaks that rises 2416 meters above sea level gives the impression of a gigantic natural fortress. Within the Thomorri National Park there are many fascinating caves, creeks and natural curiosities which provide excellent conditions for outdoor activities. Rich in forests, the Thomorri National park boast beech forests mainly around the 1000 meters above sea level and mountain pines above 1600 meters. Many wild animals such as brown bear, wolf, fox, wildcat, deer, wild boar, squirrels and many bird species are found throughout the park. The varied landscape of the Tomor National Park is a wealth of high natural scientific value.

Here on the Tomor Mountain there is also the grave of Abaz Aliu, half-brother of Muhammad (Tyrba e Kulmakut), 1,200 meters above sea level. Every August thousands of pilgrims from all over the Bektashi order go up to the Tyrba for a week, and gather here to celebrate their most important holiday of the year, which greatly stimulate religious tourism. The roads from the surrounding valleys leading to Mount Tomor, for many kilometers become an endless line of vehicles that have only one purpose, the pilgrimage to the sacred place.