Theth National Park

The Theth Valley is hidden natural mountainous paradise in the heart of the Albanian Alps – also called the Accursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna), and includes the protected area of the Thethi National Park which covers 2,630 hectares. The Theth Valley is the starting point for all treks to the highest peaks of the Albanian Alps and passes in the majestic region, which leads to Montenegro in the North, Kosovo in the East and the city of Shkodra in the West. It takes five hours to reach the Theth National Park from the Albanian capital Tirana, and from the country’s second-largest city, Shkodra, it is two hours away of drive.

Thethi National Park is situated 70 km away from Shkoder and features several mountain peaks over 2500 meters height. Through the Thethi National Park runs the Theth River with a plentiful supply of mountain trout. The Grunas waterfall is particularly worth visiting. The mountain slopes are very steep due to changes in temperature and snow precipitation that are present in most part of the year, which helped in the formation of various jags. Theth Valley was formed by glacial movements with its specially impressive and breathtaking northern part. Those hostile climatic conditions throughout the years created the steep mountains and the distinct gorgeous views, but also challenging hiking routes. Also, there are many oak trees and a variety of animals in the park. The most astonishing parts of the Theth National Park are the rugged peak of Radoines (2570m), Arapit (2217m), Paplukës (2569m), Alisë (2471m) and others.

Thethi is a tourist – climbing, hiking and alpinist region and the most important tourist center of the northern Albania. Within the territory of Theth National Park and its surroundings there are about 170 caves and semi caves, of which 10 caves are of international category. The most beautiful and most important caves of the Theth National Park are the cave of Rratheve and Harapi Cave. There are simple accommodation facilities in the Theth National Park which provide tourist services to visitors – excellent organic homemade food and decent accommodation in their houses, in the gorgeous and remote areas of the Theth National Park.