Terzica Avlija Traditional park Zlakusa village

Terzica Avlija Traditional park Zlakusa village

Zlakusa is picturesque tiny village between Uzice and Pozega in West Serbia, that used to be important station of Turkish caravans in the past. The village of Zlakusa is known for a number of potters and became widely popular for the uniquely colorful traditional settlement of Ethno Park “Terzica avlija” /”Terzic’s Yard”/ that provides variety of rare delights and unique surprises for its visitors : fresh air in the heart of pure nature, rural atmosphere, preserved customs, respect for cultural heritage, hand-works and old crafts workshops, especially well-developed earthenware performed by more than 30 devoted local ceramics manufacturers /famous Zlakusa potters/, dewy woods intersected with clearings full of mushrooms, fragrant meadows rich in wild-strawberries and medicinal herbs surrounded by fruitful raspberry orchards and numerous beehives, premium organic fresh vegetables, unlimited outdoor activities in uniquely beautiful natural ambiance, such as exploration of the nearby Potpec Pecina Cave or hiking along the numerous trekking paths up to Gradina mountain peak /934 meters/ and further for 16 km to Sirogojno and others…

“Terzica avlija” /”Terzic’s Yard”/Ethno Settlement/Park is situated just near Zlakusa village center on the hill below the beech forest. This unique landmark of West Serbia which imitates the original rural yard of Serbia was founded by Drndarevic Family with the aim to maintain and present Serbian traditional rural lifestyle and customs of the 19th century. “Terzica avlija” Ethno Park in Zlakusa village contains two authentic Serbian archaic houses /one more than 100 years old, built by unbaked bricks, with four-line roof covered by preserved plates/ including variety of elements that provided ordinary life of villagers and providing authentic cordiality of Serbian people to welcome any visitor during home-feasts /”slava”/, out-door restaurant serving tasty traditional food, old “krcma” /archaic rustic dining room in winter months/, fountains and place for memorable folklore performances. The older house is used for guests’ lodging, including three traditionally decorated rustic apartments. The other structure next to it was an old Primary school – first one in the whole area and features well-preserved furniture and school objects/and has been turned into museum – ethno Collection for observation of old Serbian customs and the thematic expositions of traditional elements : authentic folklore costumes, antique books and magazines, old postcards from Zlatibor region, war-diaries from the First and the Second World War, archaic stamps and Serbian coins, bank notes from the Royal Serbia, letters of manufacturers from last centuries, military uniforms of the brave Serbian Army, photos exhibitions, hand-work and knitting accessories collections. Here is also space for special workshop rich in NUMEROUS traditional costumes as it truly represents skills, dedication and knowledge of the owner Gordana and her associates – local masters who manufacture wonderful traditional costumes from all parts of Serbia and also regional areas with Serbian population. This workshop for traditional costumes is full of various fabrics and other elements and details that make the original costumes from various historical periods, and visitors can explore rich legacy of well preserved traditions and can buy or order traditional costume they best like. Traditional custumes manufactured here in Terzica avlija workshop for traditional costumes are sent to all parts of the world to all who love such historical treasures and respect keeping on traditions.

Brand new structure of the Terzica avlija traditional settlement/park is 4 stars apartment for rent – spacious dining room with equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and beautiful terrace with magnificent view on green surrounding hills. Part of grassy slope of the Terzica avlija settlement is adjusted for eco-camp with electricity supply, showers and toilets. The garden of “Terzica avlija” Ethno Park is arranged into the place for various open-air performances, events, meetings, assemblies of singing groups and national ensembles, literary evenings, artistic exhibitions and other kinds of cultural manifestations, or memorable performance of the famous Ostojic Veljko brass band, the winner of the Guca Brass Festival. In the cottage at the entrance to the “Terzica avlija” Ethno park in Zlakusa village you can find authentic Serbian souvenirs produced by local masters and artisans that might awoke unique memories on this beautiful place. Among them are various earthenware objects of hand-made pottery where delicious food is best slowly cooked, and Serbian traditional cap “sajkaca” that are strongly recommended.

Special part of the program organized in the Ethno park is performance of the “Zavicaj” /Homeland/ Youth and Adults Folklore Ensembles that gathers several hundreds of wonderful young and middle-aged performers keen to cherish Serbian culture and eager to have possibility to present their delightful skills and outstanding artistic talents. Sometimes they perform together with the famous brass band of Veljko Ostojić who comes from Zlakusa village and was several times awarded the highest prizes of the Guca Brass Festival…. During their performance guests enjoy in ancient customs such are Zlakusa Wedding ceremony, customs of harvesting, making traditional costumes… Members of the Zavičaj Ensemble of Terzica avlija settlement in Zlakusa village manufacture more than 180 male and female traditional costumes of extraordinary quality and beauty, made of authentic fabrics, patterns and decorations, that in Serbia and abroad represent rich and well preserved Serbian heritage, art and craftsmanship. Ethno-park “Terzica avlija – Terzic’s Yard” in Zlakusa village is one of the most favorite destinations in PANACOMP programs, thanks to outstanding people who run this place and wonderfully pleasant and interesting attractions and wonderfully pleasant and surprising activities that excite our guests and clients.

Impressions on Terzica avlija Traditional Settlement – “This is the most beautiful yard in Serbia !” commented one of the thousands of visitors who have peered into one of the many corners of Terzića avlija.