Temet Winery Jagodina

Temet Winery Jagodina

In the village of Lozovik, near Jagodina in Central Serbia, from where Sumadija region spreads towards the Pomoravlje region, along the gentle slopes, owners of the Temet Winery had decided to settle their roots, considering the fertility of the soil. Situated in the lovely sloped that provide exceptional exposure to the sun, the Temet Winery greatly benefits from the influence of the environment, with the aim to seek and follow the harmony of work and life under the same roof. Topography of the “Temet hill” provides three options of sun exposure and four kinds of high quality soil, that contributed to plan of six vine cultures and grape varieties: pinot grigio, chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon.

At present the Temet Winery Jagodina produces eight wine varieties: Tri Morave (Three Moravas – red / white wines), Ergo (red / white), Rose, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, while the owners prepare some new wines of surprise. Wines of the Temet Winery in Jagodina are tested in the reputed laboratories and at the most prestigious competitions (Decanter, AWC Vienna, Balkans International). All wines of the Temet Winery, although from the first production process, gained prizes and were highly ranked, that confirm the potentials, but also about determination that the whole wine production remain in the high level, that wine lovers gladly accept with appreciation.

Temet Winerty celebrates the Prokupac grape variety that best describes the Serb mentality: tough, resistant to harsh cold conditions, but plentiful. Prokupac wine enjoys maturing in the oak barrels, that is achieved at the Temet Winery, where the wine ages slowly for 12 months in barrels of combined Serbian and French oak wood, which resulted in the wine of gentle sweet barrique aroma, tones of red fruits and black berries /cranberry and plum/, well-balances with fulfilled soft tannin. The wine is named Tri Morave Magnum /Three Moravas Magnum/ and proudly represents its origin, and ingredients 85% of Prokupac grapes and 15% of the Merlot grapes. The Tri Morave Magnum wine best goes with traditional food, such is the pork meat or the mangalitza pork delicacies.

The Tri Morave wine of the Temet Winery features crystal clear texture, and yellowish colors and full transparency. When smelled, this wine features clear Muscat aroma of Tamjanika grape variety, that dominates. Fresh scent of linden, pear, elder flower and the herbal Smederevka aroma. When sampled this wine is equally fresh, mineral and aromatic with the gentle touch of Tamjanika variety, and the clear herbal impact of the Smederevka variety. The Rose of the Temet Winery features complex aroma, and fruity character, with the strawberries and cranberries flavors, the gentle notes and some of the rather strange and pleasant flavor of roasted hazel nuts. It is moderate richness, equally aromatic in the mouth and soft and pleasant acidity that come from combination of 60% of Syrah, Merlot 20% and of  Prokupac 20%. The Ergo Beli wine features exquisite transparency and is produced from 90% of Chardonnay and 10% of Pinot Grigori. The Ergo white wine of the Temet Winery features beautiful green color and prominent oily character. Strong and intense attack, clear influence of the oak barrels, striking fruitiness and floweriness are fulfilled. Long process of aging in the oak barrels clearly defines the style of this Ergo white wine and is warmly recommended to be consumed along with the Turkey and pastry, the Caesar Salad or simply with the piece of good Chammember cheese….

Mr. Nebojša Aleksić – the heart & soul of Temet Winery in Jagodina explained his philosophy in wine production. A brilliant concept, an extraordinary aesthetics, modern design everywhere & total commitment to produce wines that represent the soil of the great Tri Morave region of Sumadija – ultimately create a very powerful brand – Temet – the wines with character!