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MICE Team Building and Incentive programs Serbia+Balkans



Our definition of business is trust. MICE Travel Services we provide to clients are specially designed/tailored/arranged and customized tour packages, uniquelly attractive team buildings, unbeatable tailor-made soft adventures and enriching incentive programs and overall supportive and flexible attitude before, during and after the event.

One of Panacomp Travel favorite specialization is fulfillment of variety of challenging tasks and demanding expectations of our clients. Be relaxed choosing us who courageously develop something totally original in the market, and who cooperate and contract with specially chosen partners and selected talented and capable associates, qualified and trained to operate activities and workshops on diverse themes, such are various communication skills, enhancement of team spirit, searching and finding creative solutions and successful tasks and project accomplishments. Those activities highly make the team closer and create positive atmosphere which enhances members to be more ambitious and decisive. It is known that the success of the team comes from the skills of the leader who is capable in recognition and utilisation of his team members potentials, by handling them specific tasks in accordane with thier capabilities and characteristics which greatly influence their motivation to accomplish the job as quick and well as possible. During proposed activities of the team building tours the participants gain skills on how to manage the team in different phases and use the best potentials of employees.

Thus we have prepared and designed variety of team-building package tours in Serbia and the Balkans which create better relationship or rejoice conditions within a company, where colleagues do not behave like individuals but openly, gladly and freely exchange ideas, emotions, suggestions and experiences that enhance mutual trust. Travelers with varied desires and sense of adventure are invited 365 days in the year to meet extraordinary experiences in specially selected destinations of Serbia and the Balkans that provide exceptional conditions for magic and memorable travel : hiking, mountain biking, orienteering /cross race competition in which participants use very detailed map and compass to find the way to control points in unknown terrain, through forest, across streams…/, kayaking, canyoning, canoe ride, rock climbing, paragliding, rafting, winter rafting, snow shoeing, jeep safari, quad – ATV ride, sheep shearing, fly fishing, camping, sailing, horseback riding along the beach, caving....

PANACOMP MICE team-buildings and incentives are operated in form of exciting corporate travels and lofty Enlightenment and Ennoblement of the soul activities. Those packages make superb way to discover unknown Serbia and enable participants to get closer, develop their potentials, exchange energies and learn the efficient approach in overcoming life challenges. Result of successful communication with fun is that all team members feel extremely well and respected in performing their roles, as they act from positions of reputation and self respect, and take care about differences between themselves and others, learn to share roles within the team where everyone can show her/his maximum and contributes in creation of stable relationship and excellent communication. In PANACOMP team-buildings we encourage building-up emotional responsibility of participants, elevate their advanced skills in carrying out problems, and adopting to new situations in life which provides unique experiences and best improve quality of business and life.

All who book our team building programs are invited to enjoy in nature and culture exploration, unique sense of warmth, freedom and joy, thanks to specially arranged activities : competitions in traditional team games and knights contest, orienteering, snowshoeing, Medieval Treasure Hunt Adventure, “Medieval Party after rescue of Princess from Ottoman dungeon”, or “Austria-Hungarian Mask Ball in costumes by invitation of Queen Maria Theresa and Prince-Duke Leopold II”, spiritual icon-painting workshops, the traditional byzantine way of making icons which include not only artistic but also a spiritual side of iconography, discovering unknown and inaccessible places, unique countryside and traditional customs /such is pustovanje vune – ancient method of firmly compressing thick woolen fabric in order to achieve various forms and objects resistant to rain and snow/ and meeting people of unique spirit… beyond imagination and thrill of fun ….

We will send you information on the physical requirements for your trip with your pre-trip materials. Our professional staff pay attention to smallest details of the Team-building and Incentive tours, so our activities benefit all stakeholders involved – our customers, organizers, suppliers and us as the travel industry. Panacomp teambuilding programs are based on the four senses: Scent Nature & Beauty, Sight Art & Culture, Sound Sport & Adventure, Taste Wine & Food.

Panacomp Wonderland Travel Incentive Revolution has started ! Welcome !



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