Tara MB Motel Djurdjevica Tara

Tara MB Motel Djurdjevica Tara

The Tara MB Motel is comfortable tourist facility set RIGHT next to the famous Djurdjevica Tara Bridge, across the gorgeous Tara River canyon, in the Durmitor National Park in north Montenegro. The position of the Tara MB Motel provides visitors excellent choice for accommodation and stay or vacations, away from every day hassle, in complete peaceful and tranquil natural environment, and plentiful hospitality. Surroundings of the Tara MB Motel in Djurdjevica Tara enables pleasant atmosphere of relaxation in good mood, easy walks in nature, but also successful organization of various celebrations, parties, weddings, lunches, seminars and smaller events… The Tara MB Motel Djurdjevica Tara boasts 10 comfortable rooms, traditional “A la carte” restaurant with 70 seats – working from 07 till 23 hrs, while in summer months guests enjoy on the pleasant terrace with 100 seats, from where spreads memorable panorama and the view of the Tara Bridge across the Tara Canyon.

Guests have possibility to taste healthy and highly tasty food prepared by excellent chefs in traditional way, from organically grown ingredients from Durmitor area. Here you can have finest traditional food of Montenegro – homemade kaymak, smoked ham-beef, various pies, cooked or roasted smoked sheep meat, hominy, homemade yoghurt….

Attentive staff of the Tara MB Motel assists visitors in tourist information and booking of various outdoor activities and services – rafting along the Tara River, jeep tours – photo safari, minibus tours, hiking tours, cycling tours, hiking along Durmitor National Park, outdoor picnic lunch….  In winter there is option to book ski pass, transportation from-to ski trails, ski equipment rental, services of professional ski instructors…

The Canyon of the Tara River is unique natural phenomenon, with its depth of 1000 meters, and in some parts even reaching 1300 meters, which by its depth comes just after the Great Colorado Canyon in the USA. Tara River at its end joins with the Drina River, and its entire course is 150 km, making it the longest river of Montenegro. On its flow through the Durmitor National Park, Tara River features natural descent of 3,5 m-km that contribute to a number of waterfalls, cascades and streams, that fully contribute to the beauty of this wonderful part of Montenegro.