Tara Exclusive Apartments Tara Mt National Park

Tara Exclusive Apartments Tara Mt National Park

The small authentic tavern – Kafanica Kurta is one of the cult places of the Tara National Park, where guests are greeted by the hospitable owner – Mr Milorad Vukajlović Kurta and his family known for memorable and active holidays in the wonderful and protected mountainous nature. The tourist facility with the restaurant called “Kurta” is located right on the road from Bajina Bašta to Kaluđerske Bare at the very entrance to the Tara tourist center, across the petrol station. The easiest way to reach this facility is by road Tara – Bajina Bašta – Rogačica – Valjevo – Beograd which is 180 km, while distance from Tara to Novi Sad is 246 km. Another road is from Belgrade via Cacak, Uzice, Kremna to the Kaludjerske Bare point in the Tara tourist center.

Although of a pretty humble outer appearance, with some 40-50 seats inside and up to 30 seats on the terrace, the Kurta restaurant in Tara Mountain overwhelms its visitors at fist glance by its warm ambiance, then immediately follows the high quality of service and smells and flavors of mouthwatering original finest traditional food, prepared from locally produced ingredients, while staying in breathtaking surroundings. While you enjoy in the panorama of the surrounding peaks of the Tara Mountain, enchanted with the nature and fresh mountainous air, there are special drinks like the Tara plum brandy or the juniper brandy to warm you up and enhance the experience. We strongly recommend you to taste the roasted beef /specialty of the House/, smoked ham, cheese and kaymak, gibanica /cheese pie/, but not to miss in any case the famous “komplet lepinja” which is homemade bread filled with kaymak, ham and baked beef, as it is the widely known specialty of Uzice area. The homemade brandy and sour yogurt go best with the “komplet lepinja”, but there follow kacamak /hominy/ with cheese and kaymak, various soups, grilled dried plums rolled in bacon /sweet-savory prunes in bacon/, roasted lamb or beef, grilled trout, fresh and pickled salads… At the Kurta Restaurant on the Tara Mountain there are always crowds of visitors, thanks to the excellent food and high quality of accommodation in the brand new and beautiful tourist facility.

The tourist apartment complex of the Tara Exclusive apartments is located in the Kaludjerske bare point within the Tara National Park, 14 km away from town of Bajina Bašta. The Tara Exclusive apartment facility in Tara National Park features modern accommodation with free WiFi and amenities for pleasant and active vacations throughout the year. Tara Exclusive apartments on Kaluđerske bare in Tara National Park provide throughout the year excellent conditions for a pleasant and comfortable vacations in Tara Mountain, in its 6 new and comfortable apartments, equipped along the high hotel and tourist standards, with central heating, mini bars, balconies with wonderful view over the surrounding greenery, WiFi, cable total LCD TV, mini bars….The Tara Exclusive apartments on the Tara Mountain are of high quality, comfortable, and of modern design and wooden furniture in gentle pleasant tones and ambiance, equipped with comfortable single or king size beds, parquet floors and carpets, and nicely appointed bathrooms with showers and toiletries. All units of the “suite” type of the Tara Exclusive apartments feature arranged terraces and sitting living area. In front of the Tara Exclusive apartments there is free parking available to guests. Within the Tara Exclusive apartment complex in Tara National Park there is the above mentioned traditional restaurant Kurta, with the bar, and long tradition and reputation of fantastic local local and international specialties. Car rental is available on spot, while the grocery and the green market are nearby.

During their stay in the Tara National Park, guests enjoy in beneficial walks along well-marked walking and hiking trails along numerous well-marked hiking trails, horseback riding, boat ride, adventurous activities conducted by expert outdoor instructors and rangers – abseil, zip line, paddling, canyoning, bear watching…. There are various excursion options from the Tara Mountain, like the tour to the Mitrovac, the Zaovine Lake, to the Mokra Gora and the Sargan train, Drvengrad Mecavnik, Zlatibor and Bajina Bašta, or bathing in the Perućac Lake, some 20 km away from the Tara Exclusive apartments. The friendly and hospitable hosts organize outdoor lunch for their guests, providing them tastes and flavors of the traditional Serbian food. For all who seek the real relaxation, invigoration and relief, the Tara Exclusive apartments make the best choice. Special fun and excitement for young guests is zip line that is often arranged on the nearby trees….