Sveti Stefan Hotels

Pastrovici area includes the part of the Montenegrin coast from Maine to Spic, along 20 km of the breathtaking Adriatic seaside with tiny fishermen villages and several larger settlements and a couple of towns – Petrovac and Sveti Stefan.

There is rarely such small area as Pastrovici is, that has so turbulent and characteristic past, but unparalleled beauties. It is known that the Pastrovici area was populated in the antiquity, while the Serb-Slavic settlements were established from the 7th century, when it became part of the Serbian Medieval Doclea state and later the Raska state. After the death of Tzar Dusan in 1355 who on his way from Dubrovnik /legend has it/ visited the settlements of Kotor, Grbalj and Pastrovici, this area became part of the independent Serbian state of Zeta ruled by the Balsic Family, and later ruled by the Crnojevic Family. This lasted until 1423 when Pastrovici locals willingly accepted the governance and administration of the Venetian Republic, under which rule it remained until decline of the Venetians in 1797.

Nowadays Sveti Stefan became one of the most prestigious and luxury resorts in the Adriatic…. The Church of Saint Sava stands on top of the Djenasi Mountain overlooking Sveti Stefan. A viewing platform at the base of the church offers spectacular views of the Adriatic coast and the island of Sveti Stefan. The Saint Sava church above Sveti Stefan and observation deck are highly a popular venue for memorable wedding ceremonies.