Strazilovo Eco Resort Sremski Karlovci

Strazilovo Eco Resort Sremski Karlovci

The Fruska Gora Eco Camp in Strazilovo near Sremski Karlovci in Fruska Gora National Park-Mountain is 4km away from the center of this lovely small town of Fruska Gora which echoes the Baroque architecture and provides excellent conditions for active vacations for the whole family or attractive half or full day gathering – team building for employees in the foot of Fruska Gora National Park-Mountain….  Stražilovo is popular excursion spot in Fruska Gora, close to the town of Sremski Karlovci. Stražilovo is renowned for lush nature, vineyards and forests with well-marked hiking trails and the tomb of poet Branko Radicevic, at the elevation of 320 meters from where spreads magnificent view to the surroundings.

In deep shade of oaks and freshness of greenery of nicely appointed area of the Fruska Gora National Park, the Fruska Gora Eco camp in Strazilovo contains more than 50 places for tents and 10 places for campers, along with usual camp infrastructure. Thanks to amenities, clean mountainous air and lovely nature environment, the Fruska Gora Eco Camp makes exceptional space for organization of various challenging team games, hiking to the tomb of Branko Radicevic and along well-marked trails lead to the nearby monasteries and other monuments of Fruska Gora Mountain…..

The Scomediasco Company which includes the famous Kuhinjica brand – small kitchen, has carefully prepared attractive services at the Strazilovo Eco camp and the Eco Resort. Those facilities make true oasis away from the city bustle and provide numerous options for enjoyment in nature benefits, clean air and relaxing activities. The Strazilovo Eco Resort possesses nicely appointed tourist facility with spacious open terrace which is suitable for various outdoor events. The Strazilovo Eco Resort contains fully equipped meeting room with projector and screens which accommodates up to 50 participants. This is venue where great ideas are created, and supports organization of team building, seminars and workshops for up to 50 people. The Poets Room for ‘dream relaxation’ is luxury space arranged in rustic style with fire place and kitchen that is suitable for meetings, rest and enjoyment. This space is warm and multi-functional and is often used for shooting the popular Kuhinjica TV show. The wine tasting room is named for true hedonists and space for gathering where visitors can taste the best wines of Fruska Gora, along with learning on pairing food and wines, and enjoyment in tasty food prepared by respected cook Alexa. The entrepreneurial owners and staff of the Strazilovo Eco Resort proudly represent the Kuhinjica brand, and do their best to please taste and wishes of visitors, making them fully enjoy the surrounding nature and advantages of Strazilovo and Fruska Gora. Usual available menu with hosts recommendation includes starter – the rustic bites, main dish – various kinds of grilled meat and pommes frites, seasonal salad, dessert, refreshing drinks – water, various gas and non-gas juices, beer, spirits – various rakijas-brandies, and coffee.

During the half day or full day excursion in lovely natural environment beneath the thick forests, visitor of the Strazilovo Eco Resort in Stražilovo have at their disposal activities of the Adrenaline Park which covers some 300 sq meters, with trails to cross on 3 levels at the elevation on 8 and 12 meters,. Those activities are organized under supervision and support of professional instructors and with protective equipment. Besides it, the offer includes the Air soft polygon which also under support of professional instructors, provide visitors full experience of simulation of ambush, attack and defense in realistic conditions, with mandatory protective equipment – protective jacket, helmets, glasses and face protectors. Visitors of the Strazilovo Eco Resort also may enjoy in SUP boarding – Standup paddle boarding on either inflatable boats or boards along the Danube River. This is true challenge for lovers of water activities and is organized under supervision and support of professional outdoor instructors who guarantee extraordinary fun and fully safe activities….

The Strazilovo Eco Resort in Fruska Gora also organizes hikes and races through the forests – orienteering escorted by professional instructors and guides. Depending on visitors’ condition there are available easy and short or longer and more intense hikes. They provide visitors options to learn the main steps in outdoor hiking and survival in nature, named for true nature lovers and rest away from the office. Orienteering duration is about 90 minutes. Visitors of the Strazilovo Eco Resort keen to learn on the secrets of great grill-barbecue masters in wonderful natural environment, may participate in the Texas BBQ workshop. This attractive, funny and amusing workshop is organized in the following order of activities: 30 minutes of Theory – types of grilling/barbecue, direct and indirect barbecue, marinating, advises and tricks; 120 minutes of competition: making and formation of fire, preparation of 5 dishes, plate inspirations; 120 minutes for a meal – enjoyment in fruits of the own efforts. Usual menu include grilled specialties starting from burgers, pork ribs to pizza and beef steaks and ribs... BBQ Texas workshop includes two or more original Weber and Kamado ceramic grills, charcoal, briquettes, gas, all supplies fr preparation of 5 dishes according to demands and wishes /meat, vegetables, spices, fruits, pastries/, full cutlery and dishes for serving food /pots, plates, cutlery and serviettes/, branded Kuhinjica apron and services of the BBQ masters with 1 or more assistants. The price includes drinks as per special order and deal.

One of the activities during the excursion to the Strazilovo Eco Resort is wine tasting of the wines from Fruska Gora which includes 5 wine etiquettes from the famous Fruska Gora wineries whose bouquet is carefully explained by professional sommelier who contributes to the full experience of the real meaning of the saying “IN VINO VERITAS”. Exceptional enjoyment in Fruska Gora wines is supported by excellent selection of various types of cheese.

Thanks to various options for comfortable accommodation in Sremski Karlovci and in Fruska Gora area in lovely appointed rural tourist households and holiday houses with amenities, as well as to richness of cultural and historical heritage of Fruska Gora, visitors have possibility to enjoy and relax for several days which remain in wonderful memories….