Viminacium Tour 2

Viminacium Tour 2

Visit to Viminacium, the former Roman town and significant military camp as the main centre of defence of this part of the frontier from the 2. century A.D., nowadays an Archaeological Complex covering surface over 450 hectares, make a delightful experience for every visitor. There are remarkable archaeological excavations waiting to be discovered, such are Imperial Mausoleum, luxurious thermal baths covered with mosaics and fresco paintings of exceptional beauty, impressive number of tombs and graves as well as the numismatics and jewellery collections. Viminacium was devastated and destroyed in the middle of the 5th century, and it remained forgotten and buried like Pompeii, which disappeared under a flood of lava from Vesuvius in 79 A.D. That analogy and the recognition that the remains of the Roman town and the military camp represent a site of exceptional interest explains why Viminacium has been called the Balkan Pompeii….

Program : Departure from Zemun Quay at 09,00 and pleasant 1,5 hours ride by luxurious hydrofoil boat up to archaeological sight Viminacium, passing by romantic Sava and Danube confluence. Viminacium archaeological Complex tour and exploration of excavated graves and tombs followed by enjoyment in the Roman culinary course with active guest participation. Traditional lunch with delicious local drinks. Short time at leisure and relaxed walks. Afternoon departure by hydrofoil boat from Viminacium /approximately 1,5 hour ride/. Evening arrival to Belgrade and end of program/services.

Price : 160 EUR per person        Minimum : 25 participants

Included : luxurious hydrofoil boat ride Belgrade – Viminacium – Belgrade, Viminacium fee and interactive archaeological workshop, lunch, “Roman culinary lecture”, professional guidance and PANACOMP logistics. Application dead-line : 10 days prior departure

Operated : April-November      Application deadline 30 days prior departure

Application Deadline 30 days prior departure


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