Seven Watermills and Cascades Walk

Seven Watermills and Cascades Walk

Seven Watermills and Cascades Walk



This is another fabulous walk in our repertoire. The walk is calming and not particularly difficult. We’ll have time for photos, a great lunch, eagle watching and simply listening to the soft, wild nature around us. From the traditional style Bosnian Mosque in the village of Umoljani, we’ll trek to the Seven Watermills and their beautiful water energy source used for centuries to grind wheat into flour. We hug the ridge until Rakitnica Canyon (this is the far north end while the Neretva River Canyon is the far south end) awesomely opens up before us. After 20 minutes of uphill hiking we reach the Cascades of Studeni Potok. Here, at certain times of the year, the stream falls 400 meters into the canyon below. Following the stream up we hit Studeni Polje Fields and the serpent like formations of Studeni Potok Stream. Here we’ll have a super view of Obalj and the long flat valley of Studeni Polje Fields. En route we’ll find quite a few sources where we can drink our fill. The shepherd’s summer village of Gradina is just up the road and a hop-skip and a jump from the Mosque in the village where we started our trip.

It’s an extremely pleasant walk and not an overexerting one. The views and cool breezes coming off of Visočica and Treskavica Mountains are guaranteed to rid your mind of the stresses of the previous week and give you a great start for the next one. And if that is not enough – we will end the day with a stroll among the century old Stecci, or medieval Christian tombstones, perched on a gentle flowing hill just below Umoljani village.

The total hours walking is around 3 hours at medium difficulty.

PRICE 40 EUR Minimum 5 participants

What to Bring: hiking boots are recommended or sturdy walking shoes, a day pack, one liter of water, rain gear, sun hat, sunscreen and a camera.

Included: transport to and from Sarajevo, coffee and/ or tea, lunch and snacks, a fully equipped and experienced guide

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