Medicinal Herbs of Kopaonik Mountain

Medicinal Herbs of Kopaonik Mountain

Kopaonik Mountain Medicinal Herbs picking up
Vila Radigost, Brzeće, Kopaonik

This tour is designed for all who are keen to breathe the magic world of the medicinal herbs !
Kopaonik Mountain belongs to Mountains in Serbia richest in vegetation. Meadows of Kopaonik Mountain are full of herbs, of which most famous are Wild Thyme /Thymus serpyllum/, St John /Hypericum Perforatum/, Yarrow /Achillea millefolium/, Mint /Mentha piperita/, Oregano /Origanum vulgare folium/ etc. The vast fields of blackberries and wild strawberries are found on Kopaonik Mountain slopes, as well as plantages of eco raspberries, cranberries and cowberries… Clients are invited to buy and/or make preserves and jelly of all the mentioned plants and aromatic herbs as well as natural honey.

There is the ancient legend about the uniqueness of Kopaonik Mountain environment, especially in summer :
„ Serbian Tzar Dusan arrived to Kopaonik Mountain one hot day in August 1336. He was offered by local hosts a rich choice of dishes – roasted lamb, fresh cherries from Josanicka Banja Spa, grapes from Zupa wine region and cold wine. Spotted astonishment of the Tzar how all those food comes before him when it is grown during the year, highlanders explained him that sheep lamb late because of long winter, cherries arrive late because of cold weather, grapes in Zupa came earlier than usually and there is always snow on Kopaonik Mountain in August to cool the wine.”

During your stay in Kopaonik Mountain you will be enriched with knowledge on aromatic and medicinal herbs and get introduction in seasoning and use of medicinal herbs for preparation of various kinds of tea for healthy and organic clean practices.

PRICE : 155 EUR per person   Minimum : 15 participants

Included :  7 nights in double, triple and four-bed rooms with half-board services, full-day walks through nature with collection practices conducted by local guide, sightseeing of Kopaonik Mountain natural attractions (Jelovarnik Watefall, Veliko Metođe sanctuary), Panacomp Logistics, support and professional guidance

Transportation and private expenses are not included in the price

APPLICATION DEADLINE 60 days prior departure

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