Adventure on Pester Plateau and Javor Mountain

Departure 2016 JUL 19th

Adventure on Pester Plateau and Javor Mountain

19-23 July 2016


Level of endurance : medium

Day 1  Morning departure from Belgrade and drive along beautiful Sumadija landscape. Short brake in traditional rural household near Gornji Milanovac. Drive on to the impressive Ovcar-Kablar Gorge known as the “Serbian St. Athos” for Medieval Orthodox Monasteries settled along the beautiful meanders of Zapadna Morava River /West Morava River/. Traditional lunch. Drive on via Ivanjica to picturesque Kusici village located on wonderful slopes of Javor Mountain. Hotel accommodation, traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 2  After breakfast full day adventurous program : visit to picturesque Muslim hamlet in the most beautiful part of Uvac Canyon, the viewing point from where breathtaking panorama on Uvac River meanders is spread, Ušačka and Ledena pećina Caves /Usac and Ice Caves/ and the Medieval Klek Fortification /13th century/. Intense 4 km climbing hike tour. Drive by macadam road for 4 km. Outdoor lunch beside the mountain spring in Muslim rural household serving traditional specialties /home-made bread, numerous cheese sorts, smoked beef, smoked sheep, home-made yogurt, cheese and spinach pie, baked lamb/. Photo-safari of stunning terrains rich in rare fauna, monumental landscape and griffin vultures nests in wilderness of South-west Serbia. 5 km walking tour up to the shepherds who breed cattle sheep and horses in remote mountainous terrains. Enjoying invigorating walks along meadows and through breech forests. Visit to Baždar Cave /Bazdarska pećina/ with underground river flow and lake. Afternoon return to hotel, traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 3 After breakfast full day adventurous program : drive by paved road to the foot of Javor Mountain /1400 m/, up to the former checking point from the 18th where the Serbian-Turkish border used to be. Climbing up to Vasilijin vrh (the Peak of Vasilija 1528 m). Tour of the hamlet with the preserved Serbian traditional architecture – thatch log houses /sibare/. Drive to Bukovicka pecina Cave /Bukovica Cave/ comprising the underground river and waterfall and lake. Refreshment in front of the cave /entering the cave is extremely dangerous and demanding due to inaccessible terrains although it is possible to arrange visits for groups trained and equipped for cave explorations/. Traditional lunch in rural household where home-made specialties are served : kaymak, corn bread, cheese, buckwheat pie, paprika filled by cheese and home-made plum rakija/. Visit to the recently reconstructed Dubnica Monastery /15th century/. On return to Kusici village tour to the spring of Kalipoljska reka /Kalipolje River – the disappearing river/, Karađorđe’s trenches and Vasilijina česma /The spring of Vasilija/ with stop-overs for picking up medicinal herbs and forest products. Total lenghth of walk is 10 kilometers. Traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 4  After breakfast full day adventurous program : tour of the Gorge and meanders of Vapa River, the hamlet of Ugao on the border towards Montenegro and the spring of disappearing Boroštica River where the water from Pester Plateau is delivered to Uvac River and lake by the underground tunnel. Traditional lunch in rural household. Late afternoon return to hotel, traditional dinner, overnight.

Day 5 After breakfast drive direction Ivanjica and visit to the mineral springs of healing Water Production “Prilicki Kiseljak” in Prilike village. Tour of Klisura Monastery from the 13th century and the Church of St. Ilija. Traditional lunch close to the gorgeous Moravica River waterfall. Sightseeing of Hadži-Prodan Cave /Hadži-Prodanova pećina/ and the Church on the way to Dragačevo. Traditional branch and Brass Orchestra performance in Guca. Late evening arrival to Belgrade and end of program.

Note : special equipment needed /climbing / walking shoes, dressing flexible for the altitude over 1200 meters with strong insulation, lamps for cave explorations.

Price : 425 EUR  Minimum 6 participants;  385 EUR  Minimum 12 participants

Included : high tourist class AC van – coach – mini-coach transportation, traditional brunch in rural household near Gornjeg Milanovac, accommodation in 3 stars hotel /double occupancy/ with 4 half-board services, full-day adventurous tours with extreme adventurous activities, outdoor lunches, tour of Monasteries and Caves, lunch in Ivanjica on the Moravica River waterfalls, traditional branch and brass orchestra performance in Guca, PANACOMP support, logistics and professional guidance.

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