Rafting on Lim River

Rafting on Lim River /Serbia and Montenegro/

Welcome aboard PANACOMP adventures where extreme emotions and fun is combined, taking you to enjoy the Serbian scented scenery on foot, by bike, riding wild horse or jeep, canoe, boat, balloon…

Picturesque emerald Lim river starts in the foot of Prokletije mountain as shunt of wonderful Plav Lake at the altitude of 999m. It flows through Andrijevica, Berane, Bjelo Polje, Prijepolje, Priboj, Rudo and Medvedja towns, where in the valley on 299m altitude it finishes as affluent of the Drina river. Root-name of Lim is latin word „limes” (borders), because of its role through history as the border between the Eastern and Western Roman Empire and also the Ottoman and Austro-hungarian Empire. Deeper history basic-word is from celtic language llyn, llym, that means drink, water, lake.

Category – EXTREME

Day 1  Direct train ride from Novi Sad to Prijepolje /2.class, sleeping couchette/ departure at 9,28 p.m. and  early morning arrival to Prijepolje at 4 a.m. Cordial welcome in traditional highlanders’ style : fresh home-made bread with kaymak and medicinal herbs tea with introductory rules from the logistics-skipper team.

Coach drive to Sopotnica village which was declared the Natural Monument of special significance in 2001. Village of Sopotnica on steep slopes of Jadovnik Mountain is known for gorgeous Sopotnica springs and waterfalls at the altitude of 1000 meters just above the tiny hamlet. Rustic refreshment /forest strawberry preserves and wild pear brandy/ by Tmusic Family household, while enjoying the magnificent scenery preparing to climb up to the impressive Sopotnica River waterfalls . The particular excitement is the narrow-path climb up to the waterfalls through the thick forests and carpets of stunning fields full of flowers and herbs ending with breathtaking view to the surrounding mountains. The most thrilling experience is photo-shooting of beautiful landscape under the 40 meters high Sopotnica waterfalls ! On the way back short visit of the old watermills still working today as the remnants of old times. Delicious organic meal – grilled mountain lamb, homemade organic products, such is memorable cheese and buckwheat phalli-pastry pie, wild fruits brandy… Trekking to the inaccessible Jadovnik Mountain location where the wild horses live free in the wilderness and horse-back ride – those daring to experience such adventure and have the previous skills and appropriate approach to those autochthonous species.

Evening drive to Kamena Gora village at the altitude of more than 1300 meters considered to be the most beautiful village in Prijepolje Municipality, thanks to its astonishing meadows, beautiful pine woods and plenty of fresh mountain springs. From Kamena Gora peak the spectacular view spreads to Mountains of Durmitor, Jadovnik, Zlatar, Golija and Zlatibor. Kamena Gora village is famous for the centuries-old pine “Svetibor”/the holy pine tree/, collecting many secrets and traditional tales of longevity highlanders for centuries. Rich in thick pine-woods and wealthy fresh mountain waters, Kamena Gora hamlet justifies the genuine life philosophy of its native highlanders simply offered to any visitor. Accommodation in rural households by hospitable hosts. Traditional dinner by fire place and overnight.

Day 2  After home-made breakfast invigorating walk up to the Holy spruce and the Kamena Gora peak with breathtaking panoramic views to Zlatar, Javor, Jadovnik, Zlatibor, Golija, Savin Kuk mountain peaks. Van drive /2,5 hours/ to Ali-Pasha’s springs in Montenegro, the mountainous hamlet located in the deep wilderness of the Prokletije and Komovi Mountains, totally deserted but specially attractive for its dramatic natural characteristics. Introductory tour of Plav and its gorgeous lake with memorable surrounding. At 12,00 start of one of the most dangerous and challenging 25 km rafting on Lim River, section from the Lim River source to Andrijevica. This part of Lim River canyon is the most challenging route for its spectacular 50 meters high rock formations raising above the narrow creeks and cascades. The adrenaline level is here exceeded to exclusive satisfaction for adventure seekers jumping over water cascades more than 2m high. The wild Lim River is filled by waters from snowy mountain peaks and jumps meandering through incredible cascades over the speed toboggans and dangerous whirls making you totally wet and excited ! When arrived to Andrijevica, almost exhausted but completely nature-impulse, joint building the camp site. Tents, camping equipment and water supply adjusted for wild nature explorers to complete the sense of freedom at the altitude of 1.600 m. “Survival-style” dinner prepared in open fire. Overnight.

Day 3  After breakfast deep in the wilderness stripping of the camp site. 3 hours rafting to Berane point /18 km/ down the Lim River canyon enabling relaxed freshwater fishing and enjoying colorful plants found only in their native canyon environment. Joint setting the camp site, possible visit to Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery /near Berane/. Evening walk on famous Berane “corsoe” – traditional romantic promenade. Joint dinner cooking in heart of nature, overnight.

Day 4  After breakfast stripping of the camp and start of the rafting down the most dangerous and challenging part up to Ribarevine. Passing by the wildest Tifran Gorge, the most dangerous part of rafting admired by adventure-lovers as the “small” and the “great Tifran”. Depending on the rafting conditions and Lim River water level, exact rafting route is designed and decided by rafting instructors due to exceptional danger. Astonishing Bjelasica Mountain snowy slopes can be observed while rafting on this part. Feel the thrill jumping into clear green river pools passing by the confluence of Bistrica and Lim Rivers up to the gorgeous point of Tisnica. This part of Lim River is a genuine fishing paradise and provides premium trout and pike examples to relax from the excitement brought by adrenaline flowing through your veins. Van transportation and joint building of the camp site in Ribarevina, in the heart of wild nature in its pristine state. Observing the marvels of biodiversity while preparing and enjoying dinner. Overnight.

Day 5  After breakfast and stripping the camp, start of 25 km long rafting to Brodarevo, down the Kumanica Gorge which is excellent for raising the adrenaline level making the most exclusive joy for adventure seekers passing by the scenic Kumanica and Camil’s creeks more than 20 meters high. Water jumps meandering through incredible cascades over the wild toboggans and dangerous whirls overcoming the levels of more than 1,5m from where you are totally wet and excited! Stop-over by the river point close to Kumanica Monastery to experience the particular spiritual retreat on the spectacular rock formations. The canyon has amazing rock architecture that is narrow in parts and eventually opens out to Brodarevo plateau where the camp site is built. Open-fire delicious dinner is served accompanied with guitar music entertainment to relax and recollect the new energy. Overnight.

Day 6  Early morning relaxing walk to Davidovica Monastery for spiritual retreat. According to the legend, the holy relics of Kosovo heroes – Jugovic Brothers had been brought and buried here, so this place is known for its tranquility and “peace of mind”. Stripping of the camp site and breakfast. Starting of the rafting along the Lim canyon at 11 a.m. towards Prijepolje. Stop-over at the point “Petrovac na Limu” experiencing the feeling the thrill of jumping over the most beautiful rocky creeks of mighty Lim River. Short time at leisure and exposure in the sunny river valley to prepare for “civilization”. Stopover and dry-equipment preparation, followed by tour of Mileseva Monastery. This monastery is endowment of King Vladislav dating from 1218 housing the world-known fresco “The White Angel” of exceptional beauty and spirituality. Monastic lunch and sightseeing of the former pilgrimage where the holy relics of St. Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church were kept. Trekking trip/ mountain bike ride to the nearby Milesevka canyon with dramatic climb up to the ascetic cells on a high limestone cliff above the Mileseva River. Those hermitages are placed in the inaccessible locations being the most distinctive spiritual nests for prays, allowing monks to withdraw from the world and bring them closer to God. Such hermitages founded by Holy St.Sava as the primary educational schools where plenty of books and miniatures were copied and decorated with hand-written manuscripts could be only found in Greece at Mount Athos flourishing the ecclesiastical and ritual arts and works. Coach/van drive to Prijepolje and farewell party “canyoning style” until train departure to Novi Sad at 11 p.m. Night train ride with organic branch. Early morning arrival.

Day 7  Early morning arrival to Novi Sad and end of program.

Price : 480 EUR per person     Minimum: 12 participants,   Optimal number 20 participants

Included : return train ticket /2. class, couchette/ Novi Sad – Prijepolje – Novi Sad, mini coach/van transportation to the program locations, welcome branch, Sopotnica waterfalls exploration and photo-shooting with organic lunch, wild horse riding, lodging in home stays by hosts serving organic meals on half-board basis, canyoning by Lim river in boats capacity of 6 – 8 persons equipped with the most safe neoprene accessories to cover all water conditions and skills including dry bags, professional logistics and rafting instructors who have participants on a belay during rafting and at any other time they feel anxious in order to complete the most enjoyable and exciting adventure, tents lodging in camp sites in nature environment on the bank Lim river with meals on full-board basis, visit of Kumanica Monastery, visit of Mileseva Monastery and lunch, branch on train.

PROGRAM CUSTOMIZATION OPTION: departure and arrival from/to Belgrade possible with different train time schedule – please inquire – Thank You!

Application Dead line 30 days before departure

NOTE 1. Canyoning is operated regularly latest beginning July /due to upper flow water supply from snowy Lim river tributaries!/

NOTE 2. Previous Abseiling & Canyoning experience is essential for Participants of this package!

Written confirmation of rafting regulations/ health condition from each participant is obligatory! For your safety and enjoyment ensure that you have a good night’s sleep before your day of departure and be sure to inform PANACOMP of any medical conditions including asthma and previous injury that may affect your participation in this activity!

Equipment needed: own bed linen and cutlery to suit the personal requirement.

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