Staro selo Sirogojno Open air Museum Sirogojno

Staro selo Sirogojno Open air Museum Sirogojno

The ‘Old Village’ – Staro Selo Sirogojno Open-air Museum was set up on the surface of 15 ha by the Yugoslav Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in 1992 with the idea of recreating a typical 19th century Zlatibor homestead. The Staro Selo Sirogojno Museum – Old Village in an open air which consists of around fifty wooden structures made of wood-logs that were meticulously collected and transferred from the neighboring villages on Zlatibor Mountain. The project was initiated in 1980 by architect Ranko Findik and the Republic Institute for preservation of monuments of culture. The idea was generated by the local Sirogojno organization of craftsmen and artisans and achieved by strong dedication of Dobrila Vasiljevic-Smiljanic, and engagement of ethnologist Bosa Rosic  and various institutions and numerous affiliated of Republic of Serbia.

There are various tools, components and artifacts of the Staro selo Sirogojno Open Air Museum displayed, which represent the authentic architecture and family lifestyle of the mountainous region of the Southwest Serbia and the vast woodland of the Dinara area – Dinaric population in the second half of the 19th century : a main house with authentic hearth, a cottage specially built for married members of the family that was just used for sleeping, a guesthouse, dairy, granary, bakery, forge, animal compound, copper’s workshop, blacksmith’s workshop, pottery workshop, beehives shelves, shed for drying plums, tavern…

Various interesting cultural events, eco camp and creative workshops are held in Staro Selo Sirogojno traditionally, like exhibitions of handmade knitted materials from Zlatibor region, workshops of traditional crafts /pottery manufacture, weaving, mosaic making or painting/. The monumental complex of the Staro Selo Sirogojno open-air museum and Saint Apostles Peter and Paul’s church from the 18th century were declared as cultural monuments of exceptional importance. Here you should taste delicious Zlatibor staples /kaymak, cheese, smoked ham, bye bread, buckwheat pie, spinach moussaka, tomato baked in ceramic pot.../ and buy world famous high-quality souvenirs /hand-knitted woolen and wooden items of Zlatibor, dried fruits – raspberries, cherries, blackberries/… Every guest of the Staro Selo Sirogojno is warmly welcomed in traditional way : pogača (bannock), salt and homemade rakija (brandy) served by children dressed in folk costumes. Visitors can have lunch called “srpska trpeza” (meals prepared in old-fashion way and eaten with wooden spoons) or “Lunch at grass” outside in wonderful nature surrounding, eating from ceramic dishes by wooden spoons. For announced groups we organize visit to the Knitters Museum including an unique presentation of traditional handcrafts of the famous Sirogojno Style Company, followed by tasting of various dried fruits and jellies and jams of the Sirogojno Company – largest exporter of wild fruits produces – raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, blackberries…The village of Sirogojno is well-known for hand knitted woolen clothing. Due to unique production process, outstanding quality and authentic design, the knitwear from Sirogojno has been sold worldwide fro decades. The story of Sirogojno is about tradition, beauty, creativity as much as about astonishing enthusiasm of the local women and their chief designer Dobrila Smiljanic. The Knitters Museum preserves memories of the beginnings and the greatest achievements of women from the little village in the Zlatibor Mountain region, whose handicrafts reached the catwalks of Milan, Tokyo and were part of the wardrobe of Mrs Regan and Mrs Gorbachov, Liv Ullmann and Queen Elisabeth. Fashion shows of Sirogojno Style knitwear as well  as knitting workshops for adults and children are also available with prior notice.

The Project Kuce Zlatibora od 19. veka do danas – Houses of Zlatibor from the 19th century until today which is constantly realized since 2008, was awarded for cultural heritage by Europa Nostra Awards and the European Union in Lisbon, 1 June 2012. Authors of the project are dr Nikola Krstović, senior curator of the „Staro selo“ Open air Museum and Workshop KRUG, Zlatibor (consulting & research). Within competition of 200 projects in the field of cultural heritage preservation in four categories, this project won special recognition by the jury (special mention of the jury) for education and rising awareness, among 90 projects from Europe. As explained by Emil Hädler, President of the jury, the special engagement on widening awareness has been pointed out, as well as involvement of local community in recognition of uniqueness and assets of own area, and support to efforts in preservation and presentation of the cultural heritage in the best possible way.

Only 24 km away from Zlatibor, “Staro selo Sirogojno” Open Air Museum is the only one of that kind in Serbia and certainly worth-visiting, and one of our favorite destinations, often used in our numerous tours to West Serbia. The Staro selo Sirogojno is part of our unique tours to West Serbia and the special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside and the unique Serbian Slava Celebration and Serbian Wedding Ceremony packages.