Stara Čaršija Resort & SPA Hotel Stari Bar

Stara Čaršija Resort & SPA Hotel Stari Bar

The Stara čaršija Resort and SPA Hotel in Stari Bar is modern and luxury 4 stars apart-style hotel whose reconstruction took special care for every detail and is aimed for the unique comfort of guests.  The monumental space of the Stara čaršija Resort Spa Hotel in Stari Bar has been filigree precisely constructed according to old building techniques from natural and traditional materials, and is perfectly adjusted as the natural fascinating part of Stari Bar. The olive tree is symbol of friendship and peace among nations and the symbol of town of Bar which is also called the „Holy Tree“ after precious fruits that from the oldest times proudly designates and gifts town of Bar and the Old Cashi – bazaar.

Traditional and rustic appearance of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel in Stari Bar makes successful harmony of amenities and services that provide pleasant stay or vacations to tourists and business people and remain in best memories of the Stari Bar site – Old Bar site and Montenegro. Perfect comfort with the aim of gentle and relaxed moments is adjusted with the precious richness of tradition that enables exceptional holidays and enjoyment in exotic atmosphere and view to the attractions of the spectacular Open air Museum of Stari Bar. The past which lasts over 2 millennia is dressed into modern style and adorned with contemporary amenities that tuck guests of the Stara carsija Resort into most beautiful dreams as this is the place for everyone who loves beauty suited to the historical and natural ambiance to remember. The Stara čaršija Resort Spa Hotel is ideal and luxury choice for families and companions who want to stay in refined space of the specific Mediterranean climate, and cobble-stone streets, stone, wood, shadow of olives and freshness of the Mediterranean vegetation, colorful rugs and carpets, artistically wood carved ceilings and old crafts, but also comfortable accommodation, tasty food and spa-wellness services, along with option for organization of events, meetings, congresses, festivals….

The interior design of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel in Stari Bar retains rustic style and distinguishes historical heritage and natural environment of the Adriatic in Montenegro, whose excellent location and services guests can well use for gathering, nice dining, unique event or memorable moments and celebrations like a wedding or similar party… Through the stone gates guests enter into the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel that features persistent building skillfulness with welcoming fragrant of olives, citruses and recently matured pomegranates and caresses of the sun of Bar and the view towards the gigantic surrounding mountains. Chords of fresh mountainous and sea air are melting in perfect and beneficial harmony with the Mediterranean flavors of noble plants. Thanks to such characteristics, the monumental Stara carsija Resort and Spa Hotel in Stari Bar remains in memory as the experience for every sense. Beauty of the Stara čaršija Resort Spa Hotel exceeds only the view to the Stari Grad – the Old Town and the surrounding Rumija Mountain and other mountains, likewise the wonderful shores of the Adriatic Sea and the Skadar Lake.

The suites and rooms of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel are appointed with the primary aim of comfort and dedication and care for historical and ethnographic details and modern amenities, adjusted into unique architecture that resembles the legacy and determines the identity – the wooden floors with colorful carpets, comfortable single or king size beds, LCD TV with cable channels, minibar, safe, wardrobe club or work desk, chairs or arm chairs, refined lighting, marble  bathroom with shower, hair dryer, toiletries, black out curtains, electric kettle for coffee-tea preparation, some room with sofa bed, kitchen and terraces. Rooms and suites of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel come in size from 25 to 37 s q m and are positioned in the specific parts /objects/ of Central, Mimosa, Pino, Olive and Kula, and organized in several types that guests may choose from – Junior suite with terrace, Deluxe double room, Deluxe suite, Family two rooms suite, Standard suite, Junior suite, Standard double room. Original interior decoration generates emotions of timeless experience of the life by the sea shore, while providing sweet sense of stay in the family house. The perfect alchemy of smells is outstandingly present in the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel by high quality hotel cosmetics that determines the refined feelings.

The “Stara Čaršija” Restaurant makes uniqueness of extraordinary appearance for usage of natural and recycled materials and excellent flavors of carefully prepared dishes by hands of skilled chefs. Highly reputed in Montenegro, the Steakhouse of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel provides softness of every bite along dishes that feature high expression of organic, seasonal and local ingredients. Guests enjoy in highly tasty traditional and Mediterranean food and the family atmosphere, with the most beautiful panorama to the historical Stari Bar. According to guests’ needs and wishes, the menu includes the continental or English breakfast, priganice, lahmadun, burek, smoked beef, Feta cheese, eggs, vegetables, homemade mantije, porridge, fruit plate, mint and thyme juice, yoghurt coffee, tea…. Food of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel is fully in harmony with healthy and modern nutritive rules and gastronomy with ultimate Bar Virgin Olive oil that provide amazing original flavors. Finest carefully selected meat choice and kebab options make perfect gastronomic pleasures and position the Stara carsija for the mandatory destination and serious recommendation for experienced “gastronauts” and lovers of meat delicacies. The kitchen of the Stara čaršija Restaurant is international with the neighboring Italian gastronomic inspiration that contains various pizzas and pastas and come as the guests’ favorites, prepared in the wood furnace. The menu includes the best of the Italian flavors.  In the shadow beneath the Mediterranean plants of the beautifully appointed garden of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel guests enjoy in comfortable sofas covered with wonderful original rugs of unique patterns like the fairy tales, that are hand made in cheerful colors and designs.

The Congress hall of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa hotel is appointed and equipped with the aim to make the work a real pleasure, and productive and successful, so that guests have full efficiency of their event of meeting. All accompanying services and high quality of amenities are at guests’ disposal, likewise the option for transfers, preparation of working materials, festive dinner parties, cultural and artistic and amusement programs…..

The Spa-wellness center of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel is arranged so to introduce guests into the oasis of relaxation from stress, tiredness and tensions. Here is harmony for all senses that return the natural balance and the healthy lifestyle. The Spa – wellness center of the Stara čaršija Resort includes the open and indoor pools with lazy chairs, a hammam – steam bath, the Finish sauna, massage and relaxing space…

Additional amenities and services of the Stara čaršija Resort and Spa Hotel in Stari Bar: 24 hours reception, smoke-free accommodation, free WiFi in all public spaces, transfers, library, souvenir shop, parking, information and booking of local excursions and events, ….