Sremski Karlovci Somin Lagum Lodging

Sremski Karlovci Somin Lagum Lodging

Sremski Karlovci rural tourism – PANACOMP rustic lodging property for rent Šomin Lagum 122

The reputed and old Šoma family of Sremski Karlovci decided to renew their old family house in the historic center of Sremski Karlovci so that visitors can truly enjoy in discovering the culture and the tradition of Srem and Vojvodina and Fruska Gora Mountain/NP. Here you will find a quiet corner between the Danube River and the Fruška Gora hills, whose unique ambiance echoes the special energy and charm. Šomin Lagum is accommodation situated in 200 years-old house, placed in the beautiful historic baroque center of Sremski Karlovci full of picturesque buildings. Šoma is the nickname of the Janković Family – an old family from Sremski Karlovci. It is a very cozy and quiet corner in the beautiful historical setting and a good place to rest, in the close proximity to the Branko Radicevic Square and main attractions of the beautiful baroque town rich in history. The family decided to reorganize and restore this house in order to provide the visitors of Sremski Karlovci and their guests pleasant stay with high quality of services in touch with Serbian and Vojvodina’s heritage, customs and tradition. Šomin Lagum accommodation – Lodging House in Sremski Karlovci has 3 double comfortabl rooms furnished in romantic style, each with a private facilities, the main living room, the kitchen and the garden. Bathrooms of the Somin Lagum accommodation in Sremski Karlovci are equipped with shower cabins, towels, hair dryers and toiletries. Šomin lagum accommodation in Sremski Karlovci features the central heating, added with the warmth coming from wood burnt in the beautifully lavish ceramic furnaces, which provides visitors a pleasant stay of visitors throughout the year, as every season has its advantages and results in memorable experiences. In the beautiful garden of the Somin Lagum accommodation guests get rich breakfast which includes homemade apricot jam with lavander or spend some time relaxing, reading or sunbathing. Traditionally in the wine cellar within the house of the Jankovic Family, ancestors produced delicious wines and rakija-brandy. It is special privilege for guests of the Somin Lagum accommodation to visit the wine cellar and enjoy tasting local wines and authentic products of Vojvodina and Fruska Gora region, while exploring the little family museum. „Šomin Lagum” is situated in the center of the town in Svetozar Marković street number 8.

One thing is sure – you will indulge in various traditional food and memorable delicious wines of Fruska Gora !

Sremski Karlovci is picturesque town in Vojvodina region, in the northeast of Srem district. Town od Sremski Karlovci is located on the gentle slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain, on the right bank of the Danube. Town of Sremski Karlovci is only 10 km away from Novi Sad, the administrative, cultural and education center of Vojvodina and around 70 km north of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Sremski Karlovci is situated on the road Belgrade – Subotica and on the international railway Belgrade – Budapest. Airport of Belgrade is nearly 70 km away, while the Danube shore assures transportation of visitor by water. Locals of Sremski Karlovci are extremely hospitable, friendly and always ready to welcome their guests with smile. The gastronomic offer distinguishes itself among the rich variety of Vojvodina. The cuisine of Vojvodina is diversified and rich, with lots of meat, vegetables, fruits and spices. The gastronomy of Vojvodina comes as the unique blend of the Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian or the Slovakian cuisines, while many dishes have their roots in the German, Russian and the Oriental cuisines. The gastronomic pleasures start with starter, which is most often the smoked homemade varieties of meat – tham, sausage, kulen – the hot sausage, bacon…, then comes the soup and later the main course. The main dish in Vojvodina cuisine is almost always prepared of meat, with or without vegetables. Along the main course comes sauce and salad of various sorts of vegetables. We should specially emphasize the renown goulash of Vojvodina or the paprikash – dishes made of cut meat, and the freshly caught fish specialties, prepared along the traditional fishermen recipes. Each meal ends with sweets – pies or strudel filled with fruits or poppy, or with the famous kugloff cake – marble cake prepared along the traditional German recipe. Along with good food goes high quality drink of Fruska gora region – at the beginning it is homemade rakia /brandy/ made of fruits or grapes, and afterwards good homemade wine of Sremski Karlovci. It is often said : „What makes the temper of Vojvodina locals so good-nature, if it is not due to satiety?”