Spas of Serbia

Serbian Spas and climatic resorts have a long-lasting tradition and have always been the premium places for invigorating and relaxed vacations with excellent healing features. Most of the spas in Serbia are situated in the mountainous regions, protected from strong winds, and feature a pleasant mild climate and ecologically pure clean environments. Serbia is extremely rich with thermal and mineral springs and resources /some 1000 active springs/ whose healing waters according to their chemical components, temperature and numerous recuperating and invigorating features make them essential to treat and cure almost any illness that spas are recommended for. Thanks to all those advantages Serbian spas and resorts hold a very special place in Serbian tourism.

However, due the poor infrastructure of the Serbian spas, and bad management of the excellent natural water resources in Serbia, there is completely paradox situation that, in spite of fantastic medical features of the waters in Serbia, we can never compete with the spas in Slovenia and Hungary who had greatly improved their spa and accommodation facilities and became the leaders of the spa and medical tourism in EU and in the international market. There are numerous reasons for the current pitiful and dramatic situation of the spas in Serbia, many of them are the communist legacy when the sources and waters in Serbia were in the state’s ownership, but there is also intolerable negligence of the institutions in charge and unprofessional management of the natural resources, especially for the medical and healing waters which feature extraordinary water composition, but constantly flow away… This is big blame for all of us, not to count the unacceptable waste in economy of Serbia and well-being of population, and deserves urgent and comprehensive strategy of investments and management of the Serbian spas.


This is only selection of most attractive spas in Serbia. We decided to make a compromise and provide conditions to our clients for proper usage of the fantastic medical services in the spas of Serbia, connected with the specially chosen facilities that provide the highest standards and quality of services. Be welcome to discover spas of Serbia and ask for detailed information on Your future relaxing wellness and spa program in Serbian spas full of rejuvenating and invigorating moments to restore your youthful vigor ... See more at the Wellness+Spa and Medical section