Soko Banja Spa accommodation rural tourism 121

This unique apartment complex is located 200 meters away from Soko Banja Spa downtown on the road to the most interesting landmarks of this extremely popular Spa : Lepterija, Sokograd and Ozren. Apartments have the most beautiful garden in Sokobanja and capacity of 100 beds incorporated in interesting architecture, fountain with waterfalls and attractive covered space for 40 people. Accommodation quality of Vila Panonija featuring famous Kaskade restaurant satisfy even the most demanding guests. Apartments are segmented by colors: red, pink, green, turquoise, violet. Red apartment of Soko Banja Spa has 50 m2 with very functional kitchen and spacious bedroom. Apartment where pink color dominates represents sweetness, tenderness and maidenhead. Green apartment has 2 beds and is smaller that others covering 25 m2. Green color of apartment in Soko Banja Spa helps relaxing and enable entire vacation of human body. Turquoise apartment is the most luxurious apartment in vila. It is dedicated to customers who know how to enjoy in life and is equipped with top furniture, spacious terrace of 40m2. All apartmets have their own bathrooms kitchen and terraces, central heating, cable television with 30 chanels. This beautiful vacation capacity in vila Panonija in Soko Banja Spa is specially interesting for family vacations because of delicious Serbian food served in Kaskade Restaurant. That is why we warmly recommend vacations with full-board services after long walks to Soko Banja Spa surroundings of tremendous beauties.

Nearby places of interest: Ripaljka Waterfalls, Rtanj and Ozren Mountains, magic Soko Grad /medieval fortification/ ruins, Vrmdza village still preserving old legends and traditional way of life, Moravica River crystal springs,”Adonis” Medicinal herbs Factory – Serbian leader in picking up, drying, processing and packing of medicinal herbs, Grudonjske vodenice – Golub’s Mill /”Golubova vodenica”/ traditional mill turned into unique restaurant founded by popular Soko Banja historian, Mr. Golub Radovanovic, whose will is eventually fulfilled to run the place “knitted” of memories and amazing energy, situated right above the fresh waters of Gradasnica River to serve delicious organic meals in wooden dishes, Josanica village famous for its curative mineral waters and watermills functioning nowadays just like 250 years ago….