Borici apartment Soko Banja Spa 080

Soko banja Spa is famous spa and healing-health center in Eastern Serbia rich in mineral healing waters, situated in the footstep of Ozren Mountain (1117 m high) next to Moravice River, at the altitude of 400 m. Thanks to its invigorating characteristics featuring natural sources of radioactive mineral waters and moderate continental climate without fog and strong winds, it is particularly suitable for vacations and recreation during whole year. Surrounded by wooded mountains and without any big polluters, Soko banja Spa is the oasis of fresh air, strongly recommended both for the healthy and the ill people. Bovan lake, one of the cleanest lakes in Serbia, 7 km far from “Borici” apartment is the heaven for fishermen. There are many picnic grounds in the surroundings of this famous spa and rejuvenating resort, attracting all Soko Banja Spa visitors /Ripaljka Waterfalls, the highest water-slope in Serbia, high over 40m, crystal sparkling Moravica River springs…/ Sokobanja’s hunting grounds rich in wild game are real challenge for the nature lovers and passionate hunters. During its rich history Stevan Sremac, Branislav Nusic and Ivo Andric, famous Serbian writers were regular guests in Sokobanja.
The Borici apartment is located in Sokobanja’s wonderful “Borici” Park close to the “Sokobanja” Special Hospital. The Borici apartment is set 400 meters from the downtown where the famous Soko Banja Spa medical baths and curative springs are located at the main pedestrian street, and enjoys nice panorama and fantastic fresh air of Soko Banja. The Borici Apartment in Soko Banja Spa consists of a pleasantly appointed living room with SAT TV, Internet connection and extendable sofa bed, 2 comfortable wooden bedrooms – one with 2 separate beds, and the other room with a king-size bed, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower. This apartment in Soko Banja Spa has central heating system. Full accommodation capacity of the Borici apartment is 8 beds.
As the special visitors’ thrill, there is the spacious terrace – 45 m2, with an open-air grill for memorable “rostilj” Serbian style barbecue. This comfortable Soko Banja apartment is surrounded with large coniferous forests of 65 m2 surface, the front yard full of flowers and greenery and the parking area available for guests. This comfortable Soko Banja Spa apartment is excellent choice for truly peaceful and invigorating holidays away from the crowds and loud music.
During their stay here in the Borici Apartment in Soko Banja guests enjoy riding bicycle, jogging, picking up medicinal herbs of amazing health and curative features or walking through fragrant meadows and woods and walking trails. One can also go fishing on the lake or the river, or can go hunting wild game. After all challenges and tremendous experiences, one can easily sleep “like a lamb”, far away from anything that is annoying.

Nearby places of interest: Ripaljka Waterfalls, Rtanj and Ozren Mountains, magic Soko Grad /ruins of medieval fortification/, Vrmdza village still preserving old legends, customs and traditional way of life, Moravica River crystal springs, “Adonis” Medicinal herbs Factory – Serbian leader in picking up, drying, processing and packing of medicinal herbs and teas, Grudonjske vodenice situated right above the fresh waters of Gradasnica river which serve delicious organic meals in wooden dishes, Josanica village famous for its curative mineral waters and ancient watermills functioning nowadays just like 250 years ago…..