Sljivovica rural household 133

Sljivovica rural household Zlatibor 133

Zlatibor rural tourism – Sljivovica village – Zlatibor Rural Household PANACOMP rural property for rent 133

The village of Sljivovica is in Zlatibor area, situated on the road from Uzice to Tara Mountain-National Park, on the road to Mokra Gora and further to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15 km away from the center of Zlatibor resort. The Artistic Gallery of “Tijanica vodenica” /Watermill of Tijanic Family/ and every May the famous Homemade Brady and other fruit drinks is held. For example “vodnjika” is drink made of wild apples and pears and cornel berries which helps you go get rid of headache from drinking.

Well developed and nicely appointed rural household is situated on the gorgeous Lokva plateau at the altitude of 900 meters. In the new family house of diligent owners on the first floor there is the 4-stars apartment and three double rooms and spacious bathroom and kitchen. Hosts are engaged in agriculture and mushroom collection/drying and export. Only genuine food produced on the hosts property is served. Delicious traditional food prepared by young daughter-in-law is memorable : homemade plum brandy – sljivovica, homemade corneal-berry and mint juice, honey, homemade bread, cheese, kaymak, smoked ham, gibanica /cheese pie/, zeljanica /spinach pie/, roasted lamb, roasted piglet, fresh vegetables, winter preserves. During stay in this unique traditional rural household and Zlatibor district we strongly recommend visit to the Smoke-House in Musvete village which manufactures the finest Dalmatian prosciutto and other delicacies, and provides memorable and outstanding experiences.

Activities : walking, mountaineering, swimming in Vrutci Lake, excursions to West Serbia region /Nova Varos, Mileseva Monastery, Sirogojno Open Air Museum, Mokra Gora, Mecavnik Wooden Town, Sargan Eight train ride…

Nearby Places of interest : “Jokino Vrelo” excursion site, Mecavnik Wooden Town, Sargan Eight train