Sisevac Terme Hotel Sisevac Banja Spa

Sisevac Terme Hotel Sisevac Banja Spa

The tourist site of Sisevac is popular for thermal pools of the Sisevac Terme in preserved natural environment of East Serbia and comfortable amenities for pleasant invigoration throughout the year. The Sisevac Terme tourist facility is located at the foot of the Kucajske planine Mountains in East Serbia, at the altitude of 360 meters, on the source of the Crnica Reka River. The tourist facility of Sisevac Terme  is 160 km away from Belgrade, 20 km away from exit on the highway at Cuprija point, 32 northeast of Paraćina, on the way to the Senjski Rudnici – Senje coal mines. Sisevac Terme tourist facility is set in beautiful Crnica River valley, next to the Medieval Monastery of Sisojevac, /actually probably on the former larger monastic estate/, fully surrounded with thick forests that provide pleasant walks and invigorating outdoor and water activities. Well preserved nature, green forests of the south Kucaj Mountains, clear rivers and streams that join the Crnica Reka River with thermal waters of medical features and constant temperature of 36C in all seasons, clean mountainous air and rich cultural and historical heritage and traditions, and comfortable accommodation, make this part of Serbia very attractive for memorable one day excursion, shorter vacations or weekend tour.

The name of Sisevac is mostly connected with the Serbian Medieval Monastery dedicated to Saint Sisoje. The first record on the Sisevac Monastery dates from 1389 when Queen Milica mentions monk Sisoje who was order to serve in Petrus – present day Paracin, and in the Middle ages part of the Petruska oblast /Petrus county/ named after the largest Medieval fortified stronghold of the Central Pomoravlje area – Morava River Valley, in the Crnica River valley. Arrival of monk Sisoje to this area is connected with time of construction of the Ravanica Monastery. Another written document dates from the more recent history, from 1859 and travel records of Felix Kanic who describes ruins of the Sisojevac Monastery, mountainous road and Roman furnace and mines. According to this we understand that this area was populated since the Roman era. Thanks to suitable micro-climate conditions and springs of thermal waters, the Sisevac village was known as air-climatic spa since the beginning of the 14th century. The settlements of Sisevac and Resavica developed around 1860 after discovery of coal mines and exploitation of coal. Digging of coal was particularly grown after 1880 and establishment of the Textile Factory in Paracin. At the beginning coal was transported in wooden carriages pulled by horses, until 1892 when a narrow gauge was constructed.

The Sisevac Terme tourist complex is excellent choice for weekend tour or excursion or vacations for several days, as it provides its guests full comfort and rich amenities for enjoyment and invigoration in this intact part of East Serbia. Within the Sisevac Terme is the Olympic pool with lazy chairs and umbrellas, children pool, children playground, lake for sport fishing covering 1,6 hectares, fishponds rich in carp, catfish, grass carp and other kinds of white fish, with nicely appointed walking trail all around the lake.

The Sisevac Terme features accommodation of some 30 beds, with structure of 3 double-twin rooms, 2 triple rooms, 2 four-bed rooms  and 4 suites. Rooms of the Sisevac Terme facility in Sisevac village are equipped with amenities for comfortable stay: thermal water in bathrooms, hair dryer, LCD TV, mini bar, bathroom towels, free Wifi. Guests staying at the Sisevac Terme have at their disposal use of thermal pool with water temperature of 36C that is especially attractive to swim outside in winter season with snow… Here a luxury 4 stars Biogor hotel is under construction – to be opened for the 2021 season, with some 50 rooms and congress facilities, and wellness-spa amenities in thermal waters with view over the nature….

The tourist facility of Sisevac Terme in Sisevac has spacious restaurant with 400 seats where tasty traditional food is served – various soups and traditional starters, warm homemade bread, corn bread, cheese, kaymak, grilled meat dishes, grilled trout, various fresh and pickled salads, cakes and sweets… The restaurant is very suitable for memorable parties, business gatherings and wedding ceremonies.

Other guests can use the small pool of the Sisevac Terme during time when the Olympic pool is not working with entrance ticket of 400 dinars for adults and 300 dinars for children. During their stay at the Sisevac Terme guests are warmly recommended to explore surrounding attractions Sisojevac Monastery /1,5 km/, Ravanica Monastery /12 km/, Manasija Resava Monastery /36 km/, Resavska Pećina Cave /26 km/.